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intense nocturnal adventure in the Montgó, short but

August 29 from 2015 - 00: 05

full moon and headlamps. It makes light, natural and artificial needed for a night walk. Without light there is danger of injury and in summer nobody wants to break anything.

Dénia group photo with the background night

A backpack loaded with a bottle of water, a sandwich for dinner, a camera and another spare flashlight. Look at the sky to see if the clouds will let the ascension be complete. The chosen day is not the perfect one, there are clouds so you can not do top, it is risky. But the desire for adventure among the hikers are strong enough to make a small ascent, for hanging out. Destiny chosen: the Cova de l 'Aigua.

When Hangout is at 21: 00 hours in the chain where the road begins Colony. there is still sunlight, which is nice because we can see the sunset from the Montgó. Night closes soon and need the lighting of lanterns. The group is small, friends all, wanting to spend a different night.

Noting Dénia night

The climb goes smoothly. Halfway we find a much larger group; an organized ascent that was also unable to reach the Creueta because of the fog above. We arrived well into the cave. We stopped, as ever, to see the Roman inscriptions that are there; we wonder how these men would rise so long ago.

Once at the base, from which we can see our entire city, we take out the sandwiches and feed ourselves. There, looking at the Dénia lights We talked for about an hour. It's a, beautiful, unique view at night. Curiously, in the Montgo area, we observe two blackouts; the day is not the best and light a few times goes.

Starting the descent

We stayed with my mouth open. In the distance you see a post impressive: a thunderstorm. In the midst of the sea, hundreds of lightning strikes causing a light that looks like a flash in the night. It's something to see and appreciate that only can be seen with activities how are you, who are now gaining strength in the summers of Denia, a city that should expand tourism.

After spending some time there we decided to take the way back. It took little to reach the broad path and go down quietly talking that we should make plans so they are free and different. We got down and we said goodbye, tired but not exhausted, because we could have risen to above; another day, perhaps.

* It is necessary to enjoy permits to ascend the Montgó at night, otherwise it is illegal.

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