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Why the presence of so much dolphin on our coast?

February 27 from 2020 - 12: 50

In recent weeks, dozens of images and videos that have been shared through the social networks of the large number of dolphins that have been left by our coast have been made viral. Large groups of cetaceans that cheer and make citizens enjoy their swim.

But why do we see so many these days? There are many hypotheses that arise: water temperature, breeding months, food search? There is no exact theory, but they all have their logic and coincide with each other.

It is true that every year, for this season, the sighting of dolphins and whales is common in our coast, in fact, the large number that surprises us these days, is not greater than other years, as indicated by some sailors such as Salvi Rodríguez. For them, accustomed to fishing with dolphins, they say that every year is practically the same.

Dolphins approach the coast to feed, "These cetaceans look for the easy fish", says Pepe Serrat. In these months, fishermen go out to catch their nets and when they return they have taken the catch and with it the net, "we found large holes overnight because when stretching to eat the fish they break the net", explains Serrat.

On the other hand, Amadeu Ros, patron of Cap Prim Segon, blames that the breaking of the fish cages due to the temporary Gloria is another reason why dolphins are more in our coast, "Our sea is full of sea bream and sea bass from these cages which makes it easy and easy to have food".

And, it is said, it is harder for fish raised in marine farms to survive, they have to learn to look for food, so they are disoriented and are easy prey.

Another of the issues that sailors highlight is that dolphins are protected animals so that when they breed more and more there are grouping approaching our shore causing that moment be captured by all of us thanks to the new technology.

Dolphins are known as intelligent species so these theories show that they know where to look.

The wonder of his presence is not always joy for everyone.

Definitely my clip of the day! 🐬🐬🐬🐬

Published by Sam Kelly on Monday, 24 of February of 2020

We appreciate the collaboration of the sailors: Amadeu Ros, Pepe Serrat Buigues, Pepe Serrat Martí, David Serrat Soliveres, Juan Garreta Mata and Salvi Rodríguez Álvarez.

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  1. I want some says:

    The dolphins are in the area because of the fish that have escaped from the broken fish farms x the storm and come to eat the fish detect that there is food and reach the coast

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