Contagions increase again in Dénia

25 September 2020 - 10: 33

The Ministry of Health has updated the data on the coronavirus situation by municipalities in which an increase in positive cases is once again registered in the Marina Alta. Since the last update (Tuesday, September 22), the region adds 60 new infections by PCR, compared to the 44 that were made known on the previous day.

Of this total, Dénia is once again the population that registers the most cases, with 31 new infections and one death, the only one that has been registered since last Tuesday, which brings to 11 the total of people who have lost their lives in this population due to COVID-19. The total of positives that Dénia accumulates is 753, of which 117 are from the last 14 days.

Moreover, Xàbia It adds seven new cases, which amounts to 142 infections since the pandemic began, with 20 positive cases in the last 14 days and 2 deaths, a figure that has been maintained since the period of confinement.

In addition, one of the population that has also seen an increase in the number of positive cases, and in which Health has reported an outbreak of social origin, is Gata de Gorgos, which has registered 5 new positives, 4 of them belonging to the outbreak.

With these figures, the Marina Alta accumulates a total of 1.281 infections since last March, of which 225 correspond to the last 14 days and records 26 deaths.

In our count of positives, the number of infections amounts to more than 60, which is what Health provides, specifically 63, this increase may be due to the assignment of cases from the previous update.

Coronavirus situation by municipalities

  • Xàbia 7
  • Denia 31
  • Gorgos Cat 5
  • The Poble Nou de Benitatxell 2
  • Ondara 7
  • Pedreguer 1
  • The Verger 3
  • Teulada 2
  • Calp 2
  • L'Atzúbia 1
  • Benissa 2
  1. Pedro says:

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  2. Chef says:

    But what false journalism is that and this news does not scare either ooooh a dead man but what are you trying to do only to the sheep believe these lies. And they pay you for that I work lol

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