Russian consul to visit the School of Theater Comarcal Marina Alta

24 December 2014 - 00: 33

The Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation in the Comunitat Valenciana, Ramón Congost Vallés, visited the facilities of the Comarcal Marina Alta School in Llunàtics, accompanied by the Councilor for Youth and the Mayor, Isabel GallegoAnd the school principal, Mario Passero.

Mario Passero with Isabel Gallego and Russian consul

During the visit, the consul had the opportunity to meet members of the Russian theater class taught at the Sala ETC., Fridays 17.30 19 to hours.

The reason for this meeting's main objective is to promote cultural exchange between Russian residents and other members of our territory, through participation and integration of this group in the activities and cultural events taking place in our community.

Visit the Russian consul to the ETC.

  1. Juan says:

    Hello Sergio!
    Ok, we understand your opinion.
    We've all been Aggressors and assaulted sometime in life.
    And we want nothing similiar happening here.
    Happy Holidays !!

  2. Juan says:

    For me, he can come as many times as he wants because here Russian citizens are as welcome as those of any other party. Remember Tourism?

  3. Eva says:

    Sergio, you are sowing the seeds of rejection and fear of unwarranted and free. This meeting took place to promote the integration of Russians in the native population, or would you rather ghettoes? Because that's what happens when people are not integrated.

  4. Sergio says:

    Russian fascism gets into every corner.
    Be careful. After a consul may appear polite green men. Remember Crimea?