Thermal insulation glass, the key to saving home enegía

21 March 2014 - 00: 00

So that you do not escape money through the window, Alu Cardona presents you with solar control glasses with which, in addition, you will obtain significant energy savings and a formidable permanent well-being throughout the year.

Both cold winters and hot summers, feel comfortable at home and at the same time, saves energy and significantly reduces your electricity bill by using solar control glass in your windows.

Crystals insulation

In winter it reduces heating costs in summer and reduces the need to invest in air conditioning thanks to thermal insulation glass. Replaces your conventional double glazing windows for new glass double glazing with solar control or simply use them in your a new window.

ISOLATION crystals thermal window

Thermal insulation glazing are formed by two electrodes separated by an air chamber glasses. The exterior glass is coated with a thin layer of silver that makes emissive glass under to retain heat inside the house during the winter and reduce the heat input in the same summer.

You can find your windows or glass windows for thermal insulation Alu Cardona.

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