VI Festival 'Mascotetes' Marina Denia

Start date: June 14, 2015
Finish date: June 15, 2015
Event type: Other events
The venue : Marina Dénia Marina
Opening times: 09: 00 Hours
Starters: Free
Event finished

For the sixth consecutive year, the Marina and Resort Marina de Denia, Hosts the Festival Mascotetes, which will take place on June 13 and 14. "We support this event again as it is in line with our philosophy of caring for nature and animals"he commented Andrés Ponce, Chief Operating Officer of Marina de Dénia.

Presentation of the IV Festival Mascotetes

Dayana Tedesco, Mascotetes manager, said that the raison d'etre of the festival is "because we work every day so that pets have a better quality of life, that they support love towards them. Therefore, I want to invite everyone to go with your dog, rabbit or guinea pig to spend two days fun and family. I also want to thank Marina de Dénia for opening the doors to us again".

The VI Festival 13 Mascotetes begin on Saturday June at 12 hours and admission is free. Of 12: 30 17 hours to be open enrollment to participate in the Contest Mascotetes at 18: 00 hours, in which dogs can participate with or without race.

Between each category, there will be canine games and performances. The categories are: the male macho, the sailor, the best child-dog most original couple, coolest grandpa, if you're worth to you, the best dog / a protective and more flirtatious female.

Contest Real Sociedad Canina

Sunday 14, 9 hours at the registration for the Contest Real Sociedad Canina open. In the 10 hours it is scheduled to begin the mini Olympics hand Fitness Group Trust and Competition 11 hours Real Sociedad Canina start.

There will also be storytellers with dogs, carriage rides, dog grooming shop, exhibition of skills, workshops for children and photocall Association ISA.

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