A couple of wild boars take advantage of the curfew to walk along Miguel Hernández avenue

February 15 from 2021 - 10: 31

As during home confinement, wildlife and civilization break through their walls again. The life of the surroundings of the cities enters these taking advantage of the fact that its inhabitants remain in their houses without being able to leave.

According to a video that has circulated through instant messaging applications, a couple of wild boars have once again strolled through the streets of Dénia covered by the darkness and silence of last night. It is not the first time this has happened, but it is striking that this time they have chosen one of the busiest daytime roads in the city: Miguel Hernández Avenue.

Not only that, but the couple has taken advantage of the peace they breathed with all the Dianenses in their homes to tour the entire Darrere del Castell neighborhood without seeing their integrity threatened at any time.

For months, field workers in the Marina Alta denounce that the wild boars are once again coming out of their hiding places to, without fear, approach their properties "roaming at ease". Now, fed up with the countryside, they seem to have chosen a different destination: the city.

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