Three months to improve the road that connects the Camí de la Bota with the municipal nurseries

January 11 from 2019 - 13: 55

Next Monday, 14 in January, will begin the works of opening a road from the Camí de la Bota to the municipal nurseries with the aim of improving accessibility throughout this area, since currently the connection is made with the polygon industrial of Madrigueres through the Camí Partida Negrals is through a single road with double direction of circulation, which in some sections is barely 3 meters wide. Likewise, it is intended to provide the road with its own space for pedestrians.

The works will be executed by Vials Costablanca with a budget of 104.000 euros plus VAT. The works will consist in the clearing of the land, including the removal of trees, the demolition of enclosures, pavements and the dismantling of the nursery greenhouse, earthworks up to platform level, the execution of the rain collector, including the demolition of the current, the execution of the public lighting network, the construction of sidewalks, the paving of the road and the placement of horizontal and vertical road signs, including the modification of the signaling of the current road to adapt it to the new rearrangement of traffic.

The term of execution of the works is three months.

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