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Anti-bullfighting demonstration suspended due to health crisis

25 June 2020 - 11: 29

The anti-bullfighting demonstration called by numerous animal and anti-bullfighting entities scheduled for July 5 in Dénia will finally run the same fate as the Bous a la Mar this year. The health crisis caused by COVID-19 forces the organizers to suspend the event.

"Due to a possible outbreak of the coronavirus in Dénia and in other nearby cities, this year's actions are completely canceled". This has been announced by the organization, although they assure that they will continue to work individually until the situation is completely safe.

1 Comment
  1. Dani says:

    The claim has to continue, that we cannot do it in Dénia does not mean that we can do it in another town. We have to keep fighting for animal rights with or without Covid.

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