Maria's dream comes true in her proclamation as the largest infantile faller of the Center

January 15 from 2018 - 18: 36

Little Maria Serra knows that dreams come true. His, that of being the maximum child representative of the fails CenterIt is already. Last Sunday the commission celebrated its proclamation in a fun and emotional ceremony that brought together Falleros and Fallas in the Social Center.

Those responsible for conducting the act were the little Alejandro Catalán and Amparo Andrés, who described with words how dreams can become accurate if that is what you most want.

To the rhythm of There is a friend in me, from the movie Toy Story, the presenters called the child president, little Francisco Sentí Pérez, who received the baton from his brother and former child president of the commission.

La Xicalla from the falla Center flooded the stage with color, joy and tenderness, preparing for the arrival of Maria. The little girl, like a blossoming flower, took her place in the center of the set to receive, from her predecessor, Lucía Signes, the band that credits her as the biggest infant faller of the Center for the 2018 year.

Then, after a special dance for her, Maria enjoyed her exaltation, in charge of Marta Carrió, a friend of the family and to whom she has a close friendship. Marta remembered some anecdotes lived with the small Maria from the day in which she knew that she was going to be the greater infantile faller of the commission, and it wished the greater one him of the happiness in this adventure that already touches to its aim.

After receiving the love of different groups in the turn of the tributes, both Francisco and Maria addressed the audience with a simple but emotional words of thanks for making it possible for their dreams to be a reality.

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