Draw Basket Valentine 2020

February 12 from 2020 - 10: 06

The winner of the Valentine's Basket 2020 is ...

Pili serra

Congratulations and thanks to everyone for participating!

Celebrate Valentine's Day with many gifts! In Dénia.com we have prepared a very special Valentine's Basket, with lots of gifts from our collaborators. To celebrate love and that Dénia.com accompanies you in your day to day!

To participate in this raffle, like and comment on our publications in the basket on Facebook. Next Friday 14 we will discover the winner or the winner.

Click on each image to know what each of the gifts consists of. Here you have them all!

Shoes Ramón Marsal

Dress your feet with the best shoes for the new season, with a voucher of 30 euros to spend on Shoes Ramón Marsal. Welcome spring!

Centro Deportivo Dénia

Enjoy two-person access to the spa, and relax in Centro Deportivo Dénia.

Cyber ​​Arena

Take this mini speaker with incredible sound anywhere. ¡¡Cyber ​​Arena Brings you this essential in every party!


Take care of your hair with this beauty kit: special brush to untangle, shampoo to smooth and mask. Professional products that make a difference, always in Golden.

Appliances Pineda

To all sites with your Sony headband headphones: Appliances Pineda It offers you the possibility of taking an incredible sound to walk, run or go wherever you want.

Mandarina florist

Delicately decorate a corner of your house, always with flowers. And with the good taste of Mandarina florist.

the Joia

Do you feel like wearing this new spring collection watch? We love! Brings it to you the Joia.

Jewelry-Watchmaking Bonilla y Platería Argent

Put on your neck this beautiful necklace of Jewelry-Watchmaking Bonilla y Platería ArgentSurely you feel great

Ona Ogisaka Garden

Get a dinner for two, and enjoy it after Valentine's day at the restaurant Ona Ogisaka Garden. You feel like it, right?

polyclinic CUME

Give yourself a deep massage that improves circulation and fluid retention. A treatment that will make you feel great, with polyclinic CUME.


Vimaluz give this hanging lamp, valued at 92.50 euros. Put it in that corner of the house you need to light up!

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