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Cyber ​​Arena

Lovers of video games and new technologies are very clear: Cyber ​​Arena is its reference store in Dénia.

Are the latest in video games, and the ability to buy or rent your favorite games for Nintendo, PlayStation, XBox or Wii.

In addition a large selection of Apple products, its latest developments and all its accessories.

And as if that were not enough, Cyber ​​Arena is one of the first distributors in Spain of the revolutionary electronic brand Anker.

Your repair service will solve any problem with your console. Do not hesitate to consult your doubts with the Cyber ​​Arena team.

Cyber ​​Arena Deals


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  1. manolo says:

    Hi, could you tell me what it would cost to repair the glass of the back camera of an iPhone 7 that of 4.7 inches, it seems that it is only the glass that protects the camera that has cracks and the photos more or less go well. regards

  2. ADAM says:

    hello Raul can you tell me how much you would give for a psp with 4 games thanks

  3. ADAM says:

    hello Raul I have an iphone 4s that does not load can you tell me how much it is worth? thank you very much

  4. Pedro says:

    you have a used iPhone for sale 6 black 32gb example of that price would? Thank you

  5. JUAN PABLO says:

    PLAY 3.

  6. JUAN PABLO says:


  7. Raul Perez says:

    You are hello cards ply store of 1 a5 € or else more expensive?

  8. John says:

    How much it costs for a new screen for my Samsung GT 3 S19300

  9. Joseph says:

    Hello you have FIFA 17 for PS4? You can also tell me how much it costs?

  10. Joseph says:

    Hello you have FIFA 17 for PS4?

  11. Mari says:

    Hi Raul need to know price change iPhone battery x 5

  12. mohammed says:

    Holà you have the fifa 13 for xbox360

  13. Moncho Jose Valles says:

    How much is changing screen LG K8 Me ,, what can you say?

  14. manuel says:

    Hello, you have 5 used iPhone for sale? and if they have what would be the 16 and 32gb prices, Greetings

    • Raul says:

      Hello! From € 180 5 you have iphone. In excellent condition with 1 year warranty. And with the smile of our dependents.

      Thank you!

  15. Someone says:

    Hello, do you buy the wii controls a move command and camera ps3? Do you also buy games?

  16. Luis says:

    Much would a tablet with enough internal storage?
    And with OS: Android 5.0?

  17. Raul says:

    Hello! By Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain € 19 and Assassin`s Creed Syndicate, would be € 20. Regards!!

  18. goldlion says:

    As would sell the metal gear solid v: the phantom pain (for ps4) and assasin`s believe syndicate (also for ps4)?

  19. goldlion says:

    As would sell the metal gear solid v: the phantom pain (for ps4) and assasin`s believe syndicate (also for ps4) ?, part, there in the store you have the Season Pass Call of Duty: Black Ops 3?

  20. LgmZ says:

    How much is the CoD Bo3 second hand ?, you have the season pass there in the store?

  21. Fernando says:

    I can hack the ps3

  22. Raul brown blasco says:

    Hi good morning could tell me the price to repair the glass screen of my phone 6? Thank you

  23. caty says:

    As it clean a cell phone?
    Osea erase everything and make it like new

    • raularena says:

      Little, bring it here, because it may be simple, and does not cost anything, or depends on what kind of formatting. 7-15 € as much.

  24. carolina says:

    can you say it cost me to repair my iphone 5?
    is unbootable, it stays on the block.

  25. carolina says:

    much would change the battery of a 4 iphone?

  26. raularena says:

    Hello! From € 10. According to company.

  27. Luis says:

    IPhone 4 much is free?

  28. cristian says:

    much would a wireless Xbox controller for PC

  29. Raul CyberArena says:

    Seminuevos between 300-400. New € 499 have him.


  30. carolina says:

    it cost to repair the screen of a 4 iphone?

  31. maria says:

    Because iPhones are 5s?

  32. oscar says:

    Hello, I have a problem with my ps3 fat, lights but soon ratose off alone, I've been learning about and seem to be few chips that desoldaron, arreglais you what? the red light is blinking, that budget would be?

    • Raul Arena says:

      That problem is almost the death of the console. We do not fix it. That problem is and fix the few months it happens again. we do not agree, neither you nor us. I advise you to look at buying a pre-owned console. That are well priced and guaranteed 1 year.

      Pasate and see if you want!


  33. CYBER ARENA says:


    € 400 was that of 1TB

    Thank you

  34. aitor says:

    because this is the ps4 with three black ops ????

  35. Dani says:

    Teneis the play station 3 of 500gb and price. I want new. No second hand. Thank you

  36. Marcel says:

    MP5 manage a question?

  37. Ruben says:

    Hello much is two for pre-owned black ops ps3?

  38. Adrian says:

    Hello, you have a new or ps3 of preowned 320gb?

  39. manuel says:

    hello, how it would change the screen to a 5 iPhone model a1429, Greetings

  40. Nicholas says:

    Hello today I bought a headset for gaming gx ps3 but I can not hear the game with them tengonque do ??

    • Raul ARENA ELECTRONICS says:

      If you want you go through the store and you try to explain how. You must Select the audio output you want, and select these headphones.


  41. Joseph says:

    Hello good day. Ps3 40Gb have a problem with fat yellow light from the motherboard. I wonder if you can repair and it cost me about

    • Raul Arena says:

      Good. That problem is not repaired anymore. After much experience in playstation 3. And try many types of arrangement. I can assure you, that is a problem that will prevail remaining days on your console. We've tried everything. And nothing in the end the success rate is minimal. We not compensate or me, or you. Invests money into a second-hand for example. It will be better. But it slim!


  42. sergio says:

    Hi I have a question there syma drones? Thank you

    • Raul Arena says:

      Hello, if we sold drones Syma. But right now we only have one sample unit. If you are interested, you can leave us your phone in the store, and will notify you when we receive the new units.

      Thank you.
      Greetings. Raul.

  43. Miguel says:

    Hi, how much a command PS3 PS3 Wireless Adapter for PC?

  44. Manuel says:

    hello, you will have the GTA V PC Edition? Just a few days for release. regards

  45. Argenis says:

    2-hi! If my 3DS not charge k takes two years without charge since the purchase in the US i light there is less potent than here that I have to change the boot k ??

    1-much does the charger?

  46. Saints says:

    Hi I have accidentally deleted a folder of photos on my Samsung Galaxy s4. You could recover photos? A greeting.

  47. Luis says:

    Arreglais ps3 fat?

  48. Cristina says:

    Hello! I wonder how much it costs to repair the iPhone screen 6
    Thank you!

  49. James says:

    Hi. Just know if you have any iPad Air Store 2 64 of Gb, regardless of color. And the price.
    Thank you.

    • Raul Arena says:

      Hi Jamie. In stock we do not have this model. 24-48 usually takes hours we ask.

      For this model you say the price is € 589

      Thank you

      • JAIME says:

        Thank you very much for the reply, Raul.
        Abusing your kindness I would cross-examine
        ¿Neither of you will have 1 32 Ipad Air Gb?

        • Raul says:

          Good. Do not worry. I inform you that we usually have in stock the less GB. Although just now we have no waiting for next week.

          If more than 16GB normally charge.

          I send you a friendly salutation.


        • Raul says:

          In stock we have now iPad Air 1 of 16GB with CELLULAR gray. At a price of € 449. An unbeatable price.

  50. julian says:

    Hello would like to know how much it costs Piratear the new model of Nintendo 3DS XL, I have a friend who pirateasteis the Nintendo 3D old model 50 40 € with card games 8 gb memory.

    You laid him this brand cartridge http://www.r43ds.es/.

    A greeting.

    • Raul says:

      Good morning friend:

      Piracy is a "crime." Approximately 2 years ago we have stopped performing this type of services. Because of what it can carry. And it is that he is persecuted by the law. We cannot help you, nor recommend doing so.

      Now the games are very cheap. And you find pre-owned from € 2. I recommend that you go and take a look at our games.

      Thanks and good day.

  51. Enrique says:

    good afternoon
    you can change the iPhone battery 5 but original ??
    how much??

    greetings and thanks

  52. Belen says:

    Hello you tell me the Sunday schedule?

  53. Javier says:

    Hello, I have a z2 that I enter water where the charger is connected (the tapita jump), first worked perfect, after a while things alone etc were lit before turning off the display (but the phone does not), you fix it?

    • Raul Arena says:

      Well, water is a complicated issue. It affects in many ways phones. All right. It's best to bring it to us to pay you appropriate treatment with the machinery ready for it.

      Prices range depending on the parts whether to change or not. Greetings.

  54. ISMAEL says:

    It has fallen to the ground S 4 cases and screen is with bluish colors. It can be repaired, the cost approx. and run. Thank you.

  55. David says:

    How much is ps3 hack?

  56. David says:

    How much is the ps3 hacker?

  57. Ferran says:

    Hi, I have a tablet that stopped working Artview no more. No punches. Does not start or react with the charger.

    Is it possible to repair?

  58. Nicholas says:

    Hi I was wondering if you could tell me how much I'd give for my play3 of 500 gigas plus watchdogs and Call of Duty Advanced Warfare?

  59. Zaira says:

    I would buy one lg9 does not work?

  60. dani says:

    Hi I wanted to know if you have nintendo ds yk price thanks

  61. hhehehufufuii says:

    you have heard, some call of dutty PC? be no need to have a good pc

    • Raul Cyber ​​Arena says:

      The Call of Duty Warchest (are 1, the 2 and expansion). 25 worth € but you need to have a somewhat decent graphics.

      Must be at least:

      Supported Chipsets

      ATI Radeon 8500
      ATI Radeon 9000
      ATI Radeon 9200
      ATI Radeon 9500
      ATI Radeon 9600
      ATI Radeon 9700
      ATI Radeon 9800
      ATI Radeon X300
      ATI Radeon X550
      ATI Radeon X600
      ATI Radeon X700
      ATI Radeon X800
      ATI Radeon X850
      nVidia GeForce Ultra 2
      All nVidia GeForce 3 / Ti Series
      All nVidia GeForce 4 / Ti Series
      All nVidia GeForce FX Series
      All nVidia GeForce Series 6
      7 recommend nVidia GeForce Series or higher

  62. manuel says:

    Good, if you have or in future, a ps4 of segundamano, that price could buy it. regards

  63. anonimus says:

    TTengo broken glass from my mini s3
    Apparently it and removed and sseme I been exposed to the LCD screen. I have the screen in perfect condition and wanted to put the glass.
    Samsung galaxy mini s3
    As I was hard pressed to put my glass?
    I wait your answer

    • Raul ARENA ELECTRONICS says:

      About 90 €, complete change. Screen 100% original. We do not second-class products.

      We guarantee that comes as new.


  64. rex says:

    I wanted to know because I would buy the angry birds star wars, the pofesor Layton and the call of the spectrum, pokemon and one piece gigant battle and Inazuma Eleven

  65. anag says:

    Hi I bought a Tablet lacer and now I turn arreglais not that kind of tablet?

  66. Sebas says:

    I would like to know how I get the fifa 14 and 2 black ops

  67. Pedro says:

    How much it costs to repair s4 screen?

  68. jajjufrkeiyebqf says:

    Hey, you have targetas of psn money? and if you have of what they are?

  69. jajjufrkeiyebqf says:

    worth the call of dutty black ops 2 second hand? you have it now?

  70. Daniel says:

    Raul wave could tell me if I can sell a ps3 of 40gb good condition yx as ??

  71. Victor says:

    Hi, I wonder how much it costs to repair a mobile screen. I have a Chinese brand mobile free.

  72. jajjufrkeiyebqf says:

    hey what time ye shut on Fridays?

  73. Jairo says:

    Hi. I bought a second hand iPhone 5 and h ** p ** or that it has sold me have it blocked by Imei from the company Vodafone, just confirmed to me now in the same company.
    I now only work data because the phone gets perfect coverage but not allowed to receive or send calls.
    My question is, is there any possibility of being unlocked for use? I have also been told that it could be released and used with an Orange company card, since Orange and Vodafone do not share the "Blacklist". Could you confirm this and if so tell me how much it would cost me to release my iPhone 5 ?.
    Thank you very much

    • Raul Cyber ​​Arena says:

      Hello Jairo

      Unfortunately you will not be able to do anything. I have blocked across Europe.

      We strongly recommend not buying phones on the street, or without any collateral we recommend.

      We buy mobile customers only if they bring the original invoice or original box. To prevent such fraud.

      It is best to try to locate the original owner. Would you do a big favor and be a great act on your part.

      Greetings and good day.

  74. Luis says:

    raul hi I wanted to know how much I would make a second hand ps3 the call of duti 2 thanks. PS: I hope your answer

  75. Carlos says:

    How many euros you have the targetas of the ps3 psn store?

  76. Marc Roselló says:

    Hello, you could say me how much I cost a command ps3 seminuevo ??

  77. Sebas says:

    Hi I would like to sell the battleflield 3, 3 crysis, the fallout3 and 2 modern warfare, and I would like to know how much money I give everything.

  78. argenis says:

    You have the 5 GTA wave as i open it i am last

  79. yedejadeborrarme says:

    since prices are the seminuevas ps3

  80. killuminati says:

    hi I wanted to know how much I would come out to buy more or less ps3 (from 60gb) more gta5 all secondhand. regards

  81. rbikrbgvkj says:

    Hello, the better the call of dutty 2 black ops? preowned

  82. argenis says:

    Ola kisiera know how it's GTA 5 thanks

  83. Bill says:

    Hello wanted to release a Nokia 300 with vodafone I have it, you can tell me because I would come out, thanks

  84. Raul Cyber ​​Arena says:

    If we have.

    € 54,95 right now.

    Greetings and thanks.

  85. Pau (FR) says:

    You have the Fifa 14 for ps4 seminuevo? If you have much?

  86. Victor says:

    hi wanted to know how the resident evil5 pagaríais hand or even the ability to redeem in store for another game is for ps3 a greeting

  87. Bianca says:


  88. Bianca says:

    hello I saw your answer thanks. podreis me

  89. Bianca says:

    Hello Podis I recommend a game for girls 11 years and you tell me the price please

    • indefensociudadano says:

      Hello, the game most recommended is certainly the JUST DANCE 2014. It is dance, the price from € 36,95 for WII.

      Thank you for contacting.

  90. Christian says:

    Hello I wanted to ask if you have the wireless adapter and a hard disk xbox360 thanks

  91. jordi says:

    Hi .I have htc one with a broken screen (glass) you can fix you?

    • Raul says:

      Hello, we repair all types of mobile, consoles and PCs. You must bring it to realizaerte an accurate budget.

      Thank you very much for your interest.

  92. CARLOS says:

    Raul, I wondered how you would give me a black Wii controls 2, 2 nunchucks, cables, F1 2009 (with steering wheel), the pes 2009, 2011 pes, wii sports and wii sports resort

  93. white says:

    Look is not for me is for my brother who has 17 anios and
    It means just wanted him for his birthday for but nothing happens

  94. white says:

    Hi I have 11 anios and I would like saver bale as the game GTA 5
    for PSP

    • Raul says:

      Hi Bianca, I regret to say that the game GTA 5 not available for PSP.

      Also with only 11 years you have, it is not an appropriate game for your age. The minimum age for GTA 5 recomendad is 18 years.

      Regards! you have a good day.


  95. 2PacTM says:

    hello, a question wanted to know if GTA V edition disponéis ps3 to rent, I would rent it until copper wages and go to buy it. regards

  96. javi says:

    raul wanted it cost saver chip pirating the ps2 i also wanted to swap maguic conn saver for acerme an idea most likely pass this afternoon thanks in advance

  97. Dániel says:

    Good, kisiera know if they have a Call of Duty MW3 Wii PAL version, a headset with micro to talk to the k people play with me ka when connecting it via a USB plug and an arrangement of a M3plus k card my brother erased some data and now you can not play. Thank you.

  98. Raul says:

    Yes I have. Pasate anytime. Salu2

  99. Carlos says:

    Hello Raul . I Need Xbox Scart cable. You got it??

  100. Josep Mas says:

    Hi Raul, I would like to know more or less it would cost me
    3 Playstation repair. It is the first they took. He
    problem is that when you turn off a flashing red light and
    turns off. I have consulted internet and it seems to be a
    problems of overheating, but I dare not open it.
    Thanks in advance.

  101. rita says:

    A pardon is dark pink fuchsia ..

  102. rita says:

    Hello wanted to ask you if you buy cameras for a Casio EXILIM mano.tengo with battery and charger is one year. And when comñre cost me a little grated ..cuanto 250eu.esta I could give me ella..gracias..aa is 12.1, pixel nega

  103. ivan says:

    raul 3g you have an iPhone you can fix me touch release and enable it to have the WhatsApp? and if so, how much can cost me all that? regards

    • Raul says:

      That version of iPhone, this outdated, and can not install whatsapp or facebook, or almost nothing.

      Can be released, provided that it is not Orange.

      I advise, take your look and to another terminal.


  104. antonio says:

    Hi Raul, I wanted to ask to change the screen as cost my two telephones, 4s iphone and samsung galaxy s plus. Some ofertilla well for both

    • Raul says:

      Well, the price is € 67 for each screen. The work is done in 1 hour. On offer we smiles and good humor that are free!

      We will wait for you ! Regards!

  105. Pep -barcelonista@hotmail.com says:

    I, I mean 3600 carry a box and give a ps3

  106. simon says:


    I'm looking for a second hand 3 play. You have some in the store? Thank you!

  107. Raul says:

    The previous message was for Roberto.

    This is for Ruben.

    If we repair, the price to repair a reader PS3 45 and 79 ranges from € depends on the model. Pasate so we can presupuestarlo.

    Thank you!

  108. Raul says:

    Ok, stop, you reach for sure. salu2

  109. ruben says:

    Hello, you have serviicio settlement? .esque have a play with a broken 3 reader and I would like to fix it, the settlement could cost me?

  110. Roberto says:

    Hello Raul!! I have a 3DS Nintendo Mario Kart and Mario 3D 3D land and some other game q normal ds! This new the spent last year when they gave me and that's it! Teneis tablets in the store? if you have no need some to buy a € 120 and seen! As you can give me? Thank you!

  111. emilio martinez says:

    raul have adapters for SD?

  112. Kiko says:

    You could offer me for Huawei u8650?

  113. jordi says:

    Hi, look I have a black wii with 2 2 controls + nunchuck + 2 adapters, Wii Sports Resort + Wii Sports, apart from all its basic components, of course.
    This new e spent only 6 or 7 times and wanted to sell, let me know because my shopping, and I want to also say the price of the new Play, 3 500 of GB (slim) because I want to buy one.

    Thank you.

  114. adrian pecellin says:

    raul olaaa you wanted to comment and seen on the counter 3 black berrys, wanted to know if you could ask the blackberry bold 9930 is a bit old 1 model year ago. when fence to your store to pick up the htc nexus one, you comment me if you can ask ...

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