The contagions continue to fall in Dénia but the regional deaths are growing

February 26 from 2021 - 10: 33

The Ministry of Health has made public the coronavirus data by municipalities corresponding to the last 3 days, in which it is certified that the good figures persist in the Dénia Department of Health.

The Marina Alta has suffered a slight upturn in new daily cases compared to the last update, but hardly noticeable, keeping it in figures well below those of the third wave. Specifically, since Tuesday it has added 35 new positives. With these cases added, the assets fall to 150 of the 9.576 registered since March. Therefore, the cumulative incidence of the region drops to 87,34 infections per 100.000 inhabitants.

The negative note is put by the number of new deaths with coronavirus, which increases again by 8 deaths added in the last 3 days, one of them in Dénia.

The capital of the Marina Alta improves its data on new infections compared to the last update, which was already quite optimistic. This time it adds only 4 new positives to the 3.009 that it has registered throughout the pandemic. Active, however, only 29 remain, so its incidence falls to 68,78 infections.

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