If you love pets you have on Saturday a meeting organized by Mascotetes and Portal de la Marina

22 October 2015 - 00: 00

24 next October, spend a fun day with your pet at the Mall Portal de la Marina.

On Saturday afternoon you can not miss the canine contests, awards ceremonies and many more activities to have fun with your pet.

workshops for children and adults are also made to improve the relationship with animals and so understand a little more.

Perruno Love Event

Registration will take place from 16: 30 18 to: 30 in the same mall.


16: 30 h. several workshops with and without dog made by animal protection, you can make bears eva rubber, balloon twisting, tatoos, things about horses, etc.

17: 00 h. Beginning of competitions for children and dogs
· Various activities with your dog
· When dining fastest sausages
· The fastest passing the gymkhana
There will be gifts for all participants.

18: 30 h. Start of contest Mascotetes. Dogs without race
· To the best Mestizo Mall
· A skill most original
· When more like its owner
· Al hairy
· The dog of the Portal de la Marina race

There will be gifts for all participants and of course, for the winners of each category thanks to McDonald's and the City of Ondara.

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