They save 18 puppies who lived in Dénia in precarious conditions

25 October 2022 - 12: 00

The environmental subdivision of the Dénia Local Police, thanks to citizen collaboration, has saved 18 dogs that lived in precarious conditions in a shack near the polygon.

The rescue began with a citizen notice. The volunteers of the Dénia Animal Protection Association (APAD) alerted the authorities of the mistreatment to which the animals were being subjected. After learning of the situation, the police flew over the area with a drone to analyze the terrain. At first, according to the Local Police, they saw that six of the animals were tied to trees, the rest shared a "precarious habitat".

With the help of APAD volunteers, the police were able to seize the 18 dogs from their owner, a person without resources who did not meet the health requirements and who allegedly had the intention of selling the puppies. These did not have chips or health controls, in addition to lacking documentation and the relevant vaccines.

The animals are now dewormed, vaccinated and under the care of volunteers from the Dianense protective association.

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