Skip the time slots and parties at home, the most reviewed complaints yesterday in Dénia

May 10 from 2020 - 12: 46

The Local and National Police of Dénia has reported the data on the interventions carried out between 9 a.m. and 21 p.m. yesterday, Saturday, May 9, 2020.

In total, 62 people were identified, 39 vehicles controlled by the Local Police, and reports of non-compliance with the state of alarm decree imposed a total of 38.

Most of the interventions are given by people who have not complied with the stipulated time slot for departures according to age or activity and for holding parties at home with people not living in the same home.

Among the sanctions, on Miguel Hernández Avenue two cyclists practicing sports together and outside the time slot and on the Cervantes Esplanade three people together with different addresses walking together and without protective measures. They are outside the allowed time slot.

In the Joan Fuster Avenue there is a couple walking at dawn, one of them residing in another town and they indicate that they have gone out for a walk, for which both are punished.

As for the celebration of parties; In the urban area, a barbecue was being held in a private home in which the presence of three people was verified, of which only two lived together in that home.

In the Avenida de València neighborhood annoyances arrive from a home where it is verified that a birthday party is being held. The owner of the home is identified and punished for non-compliance with the decree of the state of alarm and for violation of the ordinance of citizen coexistence. One more hour, new annoyances in the same address and it is sanctioned again.

On the Camí Vell Alt de Dénia a Xàbia A birthday party is being held and the presence of seven people from different populations is verified, which is sanctioned at seven.

Also in Verderol street, neighborhood annoyances arrive and the existence of three people in the same domicile is verified, two cohabitants and a third person with another domicile.

And on Patricio Ferrándiz street a vehicle is identified with two people in the front without protective measures, they come from another province, they say, to take a turn. Both are sanctioned.

  1. Marcel august says:

    Is not denunciation one of the vilest human actions? Is it ethically correct to encourage such behavior?

  2. Maite Jaen says:

    It is clear that each person is a monkey and is an extraordinary situation, but… face this news surprise!

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