Easy hiking route between Dénia and Jávea: from Torre del Gerro to Los Molinos

August 01 from 2020 - 11: 49

In the final part of the massif of It montgó, when it reaches the sea, we can easily go on foot from one municipal term to another: the route begins by going up to the Torre del Gerro in Dénia, and ends in the mills of Xàbia. We explain everything you need to know to travel this simple itinerary.

Next you have an index with all the points that we are going to deal with.

Route data and layout

This route is at the eastern end of the Natural Park. We see its path marked with an orange line, in the following image. But if you want to use the map yourself, with all its possibilities, enter the cartographic viewer of l 'Institut Cartogràfic Valencià.

It leaves the Milky Way street at the end of Les Rotes in Dénia. The car must be left here and start the climb on foot.

After traveling about 800 meters of steep slope, we reached the Torre del Gerro, an old watchtower to control the attacks of the Berber pirates between the 2014th and XNUMXth centuries. Behind the tower, a sign indicates the path that we must follow towards Los Molinos. The area was unfortunately affected by a fire in the summer of XNUMX.

We follow the signs and we enter a stony path but without slope, which leads to the ruins of a farmhouse. Here the path becomes a dirt road that reaches the Cabo de San Antonio highway. We cross the paved road in front and follow it between houses and old dry land crops until we reach the mills.


We will travel almost 4 kilometers. A maximum height of 195 meters is reached.


The time it takes to do this itinerary is approximately 55 minutes.


It is considered to be low difficulty .

What can we see

The Torre del Gerro has a special charm, and from there you can see beautiful views, for example, of Cabo de San Antonio. There are explanatory panels of its history and characteristics. The mills are typical constructions of the Marina Alta region and are in the process of being restored.

This route gives us an overview of the Montgó massif, The Plans of Cap de Sant Antoni and the Marine Reserve.

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