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They requisition drugs and a white weapon from two of those denounced for skipping quarantine

02 2020 April - 13: 09

The Local Police and Dénia National Police identified 68 people yesterday and controlled 310 vehicles. In addition, 44 complaint acts were opened.

Among those punished, some were caught sunbathing, with a towel heading to the beach and the usual cyclists who "go shopping" miles away from their homes.

Similarly, in the Archduke Carlos plaza, two people were denounced for wandering, stating that they were going to a parlor, and one of them was seized with a white weapon that he was carrying, which leads to another complaint.

In addition, in the Oculist Buigues square, a car was stopped with an occupant that the agents describe as a suspect, who is denounced for not justifying his displacement and who is intervened with a role of drugs.

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