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Raquel Payá will approach the importance of labor inclusion in the new INCLOU-ME to be held in Condado

18 June 2020 - 15: 09

The CEE Raquel Payá de Dénia will celebrate next July 1 in the Sala Condado a new edition of INCLOU-ME, the project with which they seek to bring closer to the regional business fabric the importance and advantages of hiring people with functional diversity. And they will do so by giving voice to the protagonists, students of the center who will tell their experience in the world of work, as well as their families and the entrepreneurs who have opted for them.

The director of the center, Miquel Ivars, together with Luis Cañizares, representative of the Federico Group, have presented this morning the new edition of this initiative, which they assure that this time it takes a great leap compared to the previous one. "Last year we were looking for companies to welcome trainees, this year we are going to talk about hiring", Ivars has declared. And, currently, 2 out of 3 Raquel Payá students are achieving a job exit after completing the training courses.

However, there is still a long way to raise awareness of the advantages of hiring people with functional diversity and how necessary it is to standardize it. These are people with great skills that make them as valid, or even more, to fill certain jobs.

The event will address the work experiences of students and companies

From Federico group they have brought their own experience, where their Els Magazinos project has a student from the center on staff, and they have shown their satisfaction when working with him.

"One of the big mistakes is that society thinks you put an ad to hire a waiter and he has to know everything", explains Cañizares, to which he adds that companies have a fundamental role in the training of employees, "who sometimes forgets ", and it is the same for anyone with the capacity they have. The restoration and the gastronomic sector in general, for which Raquel Payá has opted in her classes, aware that she is one of the main engines of the local economy, "It is a very nice job but it needs a chip change", emphasizes Cañizares.

This is one of the examples that they want to send to society to normalize this type of hiring.

INCLOU-ME will be open to the population both in person and online

For this reason, on July 1 they will carry out this pioneering face-to-face event in the Sala Condado, complying with the safety regulations and supported by a live online broadcast. It is an act open to the entire population and will have a capacity of up to 300 people.

In it, from 10 in the morning there will be a series of exhibitions and round tables where businessmen, students, families and public representatives will share their experiences and the benefits of understanding that people with functional diversity must be counted in each of the business and for society.

The first of these interventions will be carried out by Labora, an entity that will explain the ins and outs of hiring these workers, which will be followed by the round tables scheduled until 12:30 or 13:00, where the event will conclude with a snack offered by the organization.

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