Quique Dacosta, solidarity with the families of policemen in Colombia

January 12 from 2017 - 15: 22

The chef Quique Dacosta It is these days in Cartagena de Indias (Colombia), participating in a joint action by the local chef in his restaurant Andrés Hoyos Bohemia. This is an initiative that aims to help families of the policemen of Colombia, victims of armed conflict in the country.

Dacosta, ambassador Dianense and Mediterranean cuisine, starred last night dinner for four hands on a project with prestigious chefs in Latin America as Jorge Vallejo or Virgilio Martínez, and offered his mythical dishes: Cubalibre Foie Gras, rice ash and Field Citrus . In addition he designed a dish inspired by his recent experiences in Colombia.

Is the second time Dacosta participates in the joint initiative Green heart. In addition to this collaboration, Quique Dacosta is ambassador Action Against Hunger; and collaborates with other charitable causes such as the campaign Restaurants Against Hunger, Which holds a solidarity menu in each of its four restaurants -Quique Dacosta Restaurant, Mercatbar, El Poblet y Vuelve Carolina- with the objective of raising funds against child malnutrition.

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  1. genoveva says:

    Frankly I congratulate Quique Dacosta.
    Apart from its various actions, I have always wondered, as to Denia.
    Denia, creative city of gastronomy, from l'Unesco, do your children eat all of them properly?

    It would be nice if our city a very strong example since we have this incredible lucky to have so many artists terms of gastronomy. Both as malnutrition (in 2016 read a press article in which it was said that 35% of children in Spain were in poverty) and eat healthier. Which would ensure a more balanced life for life. I'm always frightened of all these goodies proposals in our city but also in theaters. This should be prohibited. costs a lot of money on health due to time.