Major Festivals Dénia program 2016 - Friday July 15

Event Date: 15 de julio de 2016
Event type: Party
Site: Dénia
Opening times: It is explained below
Starters: Free
Event finished

13: 00 hours: Bous a la mar. Port. Livestock Crespo.

17: 30 hours: Rocks and fifth roam the streets brightening preparations for the entry of bulls.

19: 00 hours: Entry of bulls. Since Calle Marques de Campo to the bullring, on the esplanade of the port. Then, Bous a la mar. Cattle raising La Paloma.

19: 30 hours: Minidisco child. Calle La Vía.

23: 00 hours: Theater show, humor and magic There will be Kadabra. Plaza del Consell.

23: 00 hours: Music in Valencia. Performance of groups Mai Mai, Meteor, Maloa Brothers, Herbanegra y smoking Souls. Torrecremada concourse.

23: 00 hours: XV Trofeu Ciutat de Dénia Valencian pilota. Trinquet The Rovellet. Organizers: Club Pilota Valenciana Denia.

Festival poster Dénia 2016

  1. Catalina says:

    I have just arrived in Denia since 2 years ago and it is a really nice city and very friendly people. But (there is always a but) how can you play so loud music until 4h in the morning, preventing the entire population from sleeping and without taking into account the infernos and workers under the pretext that it is a party ???? I am living near the nautical center and I can say it is hell! They are the 4 of the morning and the only thing that happens to me is to write because sleep is impossible.
    Affection for those who can not sleep.

  2. Immaculate says:

    Of course the City will not have spent a lot at parties because the program is to mourn with grief.