Practical and desirable! This year's gift, a relaxing massage of 15 €

17 December 2013 - 00: 00

Massage has various therapeutic properties: it increases blood and lymphatic circulation, decongests the treated area, relaxes, helps the evacuation of fats and fluids, regulates nervous and energetic flow and reduces pain, therefore we should not consider it a luxury but rather as a curative and preventive therapy.

Relaxing massages in Studio & Class

Relaxing-relieving massage

There are different types of massage depending on the duration, pace, intensity and speed of the maneuvers.

The relaxing-descontracturante massage has soothing and decongestant properties, while relaxing, painful and contracted muscles. During a session of relaxing-decontracting massage, relaxing frictions are performed on the entire back and neck, combining them with elasticizing maneuvers of the muscles and exerting stronger pressures on the tense areas.

Relaxing-decontracting massages are recommended for people who suffer physical exhaustion, sleep disorders, anxiety or those who make forced physical efforts or have discomfort in the back or neck by adopting bad postures at work.

Enjoy giving yourself a treat or give yourself a relaxing-decontracting massage with Studio & Class massages: relaxing-decontracting back and neck massage with a duration of 40-50 minutes per 15 €.

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