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Popular from the Marina Alta agree to ask for the train station in Dénia

12 March 2020 - 13: 12

The municipal representatives of the Popular Party in the Municipalities of the Marina Alta, were meeting yesterday in Dénia to try to reach a consensus regarding the most ideal location for the future train station of the Costa de la Costa.

In Dénia, but not in the center. Only in terms of term, moving it away from the city, which will continue to be connected to the tram but without having to endure traffic agglomeration, away from Montgó to avoid environmental damage and closer to what the AP-7 toll was, and therefore , from many other municipalities. In addition, that would allow those who travel there by vehicle to have more areas to park. "A location similar to the Xeraco station", the leader of the PP Denia, María Mut.

The Marina Alta has been claiming for decades "the train", an economic, fast and sustainable means of transport that connects our region and connects us to the north and south, that is, that unites us to Alicante and Valencia, in times that are reasonable, which will allow its residents and visitors to connect with the large railway lines connecting with the rest of Spain and Europe. The need to have this communication infrastructure is unanimous in a region, made up of 33 municipalities and in which 175.156 registered residents reside, in addition to its temporary residents or visitors, as it is an area of ​​high tourist occupation that can triple the previous population.

This social demand has been intensifying in recent years, "without progress by the Central and Autonomous Administration in its materialization. Quite the contrary, not only have the projects for a north-south railway line, called Tren de la Costa, not advanced, but the pre-existing Tram line that connected the city of Dénia with Alicante, is currently paralyzed and offline for more than three years due to the works of its modernization. With what we can conclude that today our region does not have any railway service in operation, with the serious social and economic consequences that it implies for our territory and its development ", communicate the popular ones.

Juan Bautista Rosello, Provincial Deputy, has indicated that in this critical situation in which we find ourselves, "It would be a serious historical and strategic error not to continue to vindicate this infrastructure with more strength and unity, defending a common position that is the most reasonable, regarding the layout of the track and the location of its Station, in view of the different alternatives that the Informative Study of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda proposes. However, in recent months and weeks we have attended divergent positions between the different City Councils, and even within a political party ".

For her part, Maria Mut, popular spokesperson at the Denia Town Hall, stated that they cannot afford to waste any more time, nor generate division when it comes to posing and positioning themselves together in the decision to seek the best technical solution for the entire region, taking into account count all the factors. "Indefiniteness and division would be irresponsible and the only thing it would cause is a greater delay in its execution and an excuse to continue delaying the competent administrations in its execution".

The Popular in the Marina Alta, among the technical alternatives proposed by the aforementioned Informative Study of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility of the Urban Agenda, considered that the 3D ALTERNATIVE, located in Dénia, with a direct connection to the TRAM line, is the Best proposal for the future station of the València-Alicante railway line in the Marina Alta region, for the following reasons:

This alternative is the most accessible and equidistant to all the population centers of the Marina Alta, since it is the closest to the two major communication routes that cross the region from North to South, such as the A-7. and the N-332, as well as any road that connects from the East-West with these two axes. The A-7 exit is the main connection for the most remote municipalities in the southern area, especially Calp, Benissa, Teulada-Moraira, Xaló, Lliber and Senija. It is also the closest to National 332, through which the rest of the municipalities of the Region would access. This would even improve with a direct interconnection of the CV-725 road with the CV-724, and an improvement in the route of the latter from its connection with the National 332 until its arrival at the Station. Also, it would be feasible, for the short distance of less than a kilometer, a direct connection with it of the CV-735, coming from Xàbia. The connection with Dénia would be by CV-725 or CV-724. This alternative would also allow a connection with the TRAM Line, both from Gata de Gorgos and from the South of the Region, as well as from the Station located at the end of this Line in the center of the city of Dénia, which should even allow the circulation of a tram with a single and intermittent route to Dénia, adapted to the departures and arrivals of the Tren de la Costa. With this solution, the connection with the city center of Dénia and its Port would be perfect

Accessibility and equidistance are factors that determine the arrival time at the station of its thousands of users in the region who have their closest connection at this point, and which they calculate are 80% of the population residing in Marina Alta. In addition, this alternative would also save time, which is calculated in more than 12 minutes per journey in relation to the rest of the alternatives and would affect all users of the Alicante-València line.

c) .- PARKING.
This is the only alternative that would allow for a comfortable surface parking for vehicles, which is essential for a Station that will have thousands of users from different municipalities who, due to their geographical dispersion, will continue to be the only and most comfortable means of transportation , which suggests that the car park should have a high capacity of at least 2.000 vehicles.

This is an element to take into account, since one of the factors that has delayed the implementation of the Tren de la Costa is its difficult financing due to the high cost, so this alternative is the most economical, with a much lower cost than the others since the station is built parallel to the main route, without extending its route.
This alternative, as already indicated and proposed in the technical proposal of the Ministry, would imply the execution of a section, stop and connection with the existing TRAM line.

This alternative is already the best valued in the Ministry's Study from an environmental point of view since it has less territorial impact, since the Station is located parallel to the main route of the line, without any deviation or extension, with fewer conditions than this. It would mean a sensitive area due to its proximity to the Montgó Natural Park. On the other hand, this alternative will mean a decrease in CO-2 emissions due to the reduction in travel distance and traffic of vehicles that have to access the Station from anywhere in the region. What must be taken into account for its influence on climate change.

The Popular will present motions to the plenary sessions of the different municipalities of the region, so that they give their support to the proposal and the works begin as soon as possible, of the mentioned Tren de la Costa.

  1. Yolanda says:

    Well, it is time for them to get started with that topic. We will have to get out of this pandemic first and then people will need work and this is a good opportunity. It is a shame that due to partisan interests there is no fast connection to Alicante or Valencia, what is the use of having a direct boat to Ibiza if from any of the two capitals it takes at least an hour and a half on the bus without adding the waiting time of the bus? bus. The train is a fast and less polluting means of transport than others. A lot of Denia's poster promoting its cuisine and its proximity to Ibiza and without a train station linking the coast, Gandia beats them by far. We pay them a salary. and you present yourselves to the elections to give a service to the citizens, not so that you fight among yourselves and want to take advantage of everything. If it is good and necessary for citizens, it is done. You agree and it's over. They demand that we cooperate in our work, give in so that the companies do better and you are incapable of doing so. Gentlemen, agree and put that tre

  2. María Ibars says:

    Finally it seems that someone cares about modernizing the Marina Alta.
    This is progress.
    Too bad that all the resources of the State are turned over to the left-wing and right-wing fascists of Catalonia, scoundrel friends of the Chimo Puagg.

  3. WILLIAM says:

    Never mind a new station, let us have the TRAN 7 working and running !!!
    It has been four (4) years since the last TRAM left Dénia for Calp.

    Get the TRAM running !!!

  4. Rafael Selma says:

    It is a shame that for the interests of the owners of the land they want to "place", the same thing happens as with the Ondara Shopping Center, which has benefited a few to the detriment of Dénia.
    Isn't it more logical to locate the station in the old Dénia cement factory, which is also in line with the TRAM and is one of the access areas to Dénia with greater importance in design.?
    Leave the interests of those of always and benefit what really interests, THE PEOPLE.
    Yes gentlemen, THE PEOPLE and not the spurious economic interests of those of always.

    • Josep Sanz says:

      You are right..
      So much tick from public funds and so much progressive beach bar ...
      This is what voting has to do with members and those who lead them to declare a minor raped by the husband of the social action counselor.
      WIFE A.
      pure feminist progressivism.

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