San Carlos Polyclinic ensures patient safety wristbands

May 24 from 2016 - 12: 19

Policlinico San Carlos has taken a step further in terms of the safety of their patients with the implementation of modern technological tools that allow the patient to have a wristband that accompanies him throughout his care process, not only as an agile means of identification, but as a Digital access door to the patient's background, directly and immediately, from any point in the center.

In this way, the center has become one of the first private schools in the Marina Alta to implement a system where wristbands "medical and patient history, always go hand in hand"Explains Dr. Ricardo Navarro, medical director of the center.

Bracelets for patients in Polyclinic San Carlos

Navarro explains that "When a patient arrives at the center to be hospitalized, either for an urgent case or for a scheduled activity, a wristband is placed on the wrist, made of soft but resistant paper, which has a barcode printed (... ) In this way, by means of a reader connected to a computer, we can immediately recover the patient's clinical data stored in our Green Cube medical history, both the background and the current medical process by which he has been admitted ".

This quality strategy aims "improve all aspects related to patient safety that we serve, both in our polyclinic and in specialty consultations in Jávea, continuously incorporating new guides, protocols and tools that facilitate good healthcare practices ".

Technology, safety and quality

Policlinico San Carlos has more elements to ensure patient safety, such as fingerprint reader, by which a patient registers his index finger a first time and must return to no longer submit any card or ID card identification for assistance and information rescue previous medical history, whether you attend in the center of Denia or any group 12 hospitals across the country.

Thanks to this system, patient care information is stored and safety risks associated with previously identified allergies or specified contraindications to certain medications are avoided.

Another tool of quality patient care is the 'surgical checklist'. "This is a Green Cube digital questionnaire, which presents a series of mandatory answer questions related to safety before an intervention, during and after surgery, and must be signed by the doctor, nurse and anesthetist responsible for the procedure" .

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