Pepa Font returns to the forefront of politics to dispute the mayorship of Dénia with the PP

November 03 from 2022 - 18: 14

After a legislature far from the spotlight, Pepa Font return to politics. And he does it hand in hand with the Popular Party to head the list presented by the formation in order to take over the mayor's office of Dénia.

As Radio Dénia has advanced this Thursday, Font will be the candidate of the PP in Dénia for the elections of May 2022. Thus, the great unknown of the popular representative for the elections is revealed after confirming that María Mut, current spokesperson, would not repeat as number one on the list.

Return to City Hall

It is the fourth time, therefore, that Font will run for mayor. In the past three legislatures (since 2007) he did so representing Center Unificat, a party that he founded and with which he last ran in the 2015 elections in coalition with Gent de Dénia. In 2011 she even managed to be part of the government held by the popular after agreeing, taking charge of the Department of Tourism, Culture and Urban Planning. However, she did not finish her exercise when she was dismissed, along with her training partner, from the government for Ana Kringe.

Now he returns to the Popular Party, to which he belonged until his adventure with Center Unificat. His first contact with the Dénia City Council was already with that formation, being number two, as an independent, on the PP list of 1999, achieving the departments of Culture, Sports and Urban Planning.

It is still unknown with whom he will stand in the elections next May to try to snatch the mayor's office from the socialist Vicent Grimalt. Their main objective will be, yes, to improve the disappointing results for the 2019 formation, where they only obtained three representatives.

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