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PP opinion: «Dénia is what matters»

12 June 2015 - 15: 02

From next week, the Popular Party of Dénia will go to the opposition and will be PSPV y Compromís those who assume the tasks and responsibilities of the municipal government. Therefore, from these lines, we want to wish you the best of luck in the world, because we are residents of Dénia, we live here, we work here, we have our families and our friends here and we want our city to be the best.

We leave many issues on track. The rehabilitation of the San José Street building is unblocked; initiated the procedures for the Master Plan of the Castle; requested and managed the subsidies for the regeneration and renovation of the urban center; grants were granted for the repair and modernization of the Municipal Market and also processed scholarship grants books and scholarships.

Soon the asphalts planned by the Trust Plan will start and the various projects we are working on will be on the verge of bidding: redevelopment of the Plaza Archiduque Carlos; Redevelopment of La Mar street, redevelopment of Sandunga street; Street clearance cavallers, 3, as headquarters of the Museum of History of the city and multifunctional building; Improvements in Dénia Castle And redevelopment of access to the castle; The new bus station; Rehabilitation and extension of the school in La Xara; The traffic light of the crossing of the street Diana with Joan Fuster; The new lighting of the sports pavilion and the improvement of energy efficiency; Rehabilitation of the old fish market; The redevelopment of Colon Street and the redevelopment of the Cementeri road.

All this is already in the Department, pending tender. There are few procedures to carry out - such as closing negotiations to facilitate the participation of local companies in tenders - and unless they are poorly managed by the new executive, these projects will soon become a reality for the city of Dénia. And we need them.

Because we want the best for Denia, we wish the incoming governing team lots of luck. We, the Popular Party, the second most voted force by the residents of Denia, will continue working from the opposition to ensure that everything can be carried out. That is our firm commitment to this city.

  1. Monica says:

    It always happens the same, while they govern, it does not change or improve anything. When they leave ... everything is in line. The theater LA NAU .. its emblematic project. .where is it. The asphalting and sidewalks to get to the cemetery or fall into a trap? And so. .a lot of things…

  2. Anna says:

    Niura: if the good taste is to plant pines and shrubs let's dice, I think that's what's left in Denia are pine trees and thanks that they have felled some in the castle In Valencia they criticize Rita B. because it is passed with flowers and in Denia because Do not plant Have you seen the roundabouts of the entrance to D. Until the other day they were working on them. And for the workers if they are ... .. slow. Remember how Denia was 7 years ago

  3. Niura says:

    1-The dirty streets !!! 2-there are three men from the city hall 2 hours to glue a fallen china in the sidewalk direction to the walk of the rotas.3- have almost two months to make a little piece of sidewalk in the street!
    They do not have clean the city, they lack flowers, pines, shrubs, and taste!
    The small details in a city is important!
    This Denia, dear! And forgotten !!!

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