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West welcomes Christmas with the inauguration of the Nativity scene and parchment

15 December 2016 - 09: 17

As usual at this time, the city fallas take the opportunity to celebrate with their falleros Christmas. In the West fails they have done it in style, with the opening of Bethlehem designed in the casal Ángel Jiménez. Each year, the artist recreates new scenes, surprising Falleros and visitors with their designs.

West charges against Bethlehem

The Christmas activities continued last Saturday, when, in the presence of the whole committee during the Christmas dinner, the parchment 2017 was presented, Ella, Work of the artist Maria Angeles Perez Sanchez. As explained by the artist herself, "This sculpture aims to be a tribute to femininity, the sensitivity that characterizes and defines the personality of each woman, making us different but equal".

Pergamino fails West 2017

In addition to reciting a poem by Vicent Andrés Estellés, the author recalled that "Throughout history, the different canons of beauty have taught us to want a very concrete image of women according to the time. However, this sculpture wants to be above those images, to remind us that there is only real beauty and that is what makes us as we are ".

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