Oceanix, Alfa and Lotán return to the sea in Dénia

08 June 2023 - 15: 02

On the occasion of the celebration today, June 8, of World Oceans Day, the Maritime and Fisheries Environmental Service of the Dénia City Council and the educational team of the Oceanogràfic have organized a day to release turtles and awareness activities on the beach Punta del Raset.

Students from the Alfa&Omega and Montgó schools have participated, as well as members of the Dénia Fishermen's Association. The two educational centers invited to today's activity have been awarded for the projects that their students have carried out this school year on climate change and the SDGs.

During the morning, the boys and girls have witnessed the release of three turtles that were recovering in El Arca del Mar, since they had been victims of accidental fishing and the ingestion of plastics. Of the three turtles, two have been sponsored by the schools, and the third, by the Pòsit de Dénia. Each group has chosen a name for the turtle they have sponsored: Oceanix is ​​the one chosen by the Montgó school; Alfa is that of Alfa&Omega and Lotán is the one selected by the Fishermen's Guild.

The Councilor for Ecological Transition, Maite Pérez Conejero, welcomed the participants, and then Oceanogràfic staff gave them a talk on sea turtles and the preservation of the marine environment.

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