They mobilize the TEDAX after finding an alleged hand grenade on the beach of Les Deveses

August 12 from 2020 - 14: 44

Scare this morning on the beach of Les Deveses, and is not for less. Some bathers have found a hand grenade in that area of ​​the north coast of Diane.

It is still unknown where this artifact came from but, according to Red Cross sources, the bathers who discovered it would have given the alarm to the aid station that is in charge of surveillance there. They have notified the Local and National Police, who have been in charge of cordoning off the area to prevent the explosive from exploding.

At the moment the perimeter is still closed to bathers, while the TEDAX of the Civil Guard work, who, according to what they say, are going to move the device to another safer place. However, the City Council suggests that it would be a practice grenade without any type of charge.

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  1. Sari says:

    It does not surprise me that coronavirus infections increase in Denia, when there is no clear and forceful policy that ensures that locals respect the maximum allowed capacity and respect the prevention measures against COViD immediately. On Deveses beach there is a specific establishment that manages to triple the maximum capacity that it is constantly allowed, and despite continuous complaints to the police by neighbors in the last 2 months, it continues to do so day after day. I don't know what the police and the City Council are waiting for to act and protect the safety of the citizens without further delay. Maybe the summer ends? This COViD is no joke

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