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Mercadona will prioritize access to its supermarkets for the elderly, people with reduced mobility and pregnant women

18 March 2020 - 17: 48

Mercadona, with the aim of protecting the health and safety of its customers and workers, in addition to ensuring the supply of the stores, informs that it is proceeding to update the measures adopted on Monday, March 16, completing them with others that will take effect on 19 March 2020.

"Right now, and in accordance with the exceptional situation in which the country is immersed, at Mercadona we are adopting these exceptional measures to collaborate and face this crisis. We ask our clients for the maximum collaboration in complying with these measures. This will pass. Let's rationalize fear ", communicate from the supermarket chain.

Customers will be informed of the general recommendations to go to make the purchase, both through the staff members and through posters, public address and social networks. Among these recommendations are:

  • Only one person to make the purchase (not in family, with children or groups).
  • Do not go to buy people who are part of the risk groups; elderly, people with chronic diseases ...
  • People who will have preference to access their purchases in our stores: seniors, people with disabilities, people with reduced mobility, pregnant women, and the necessary companions.
  • Space the purchase throughout the day and not at the store's opening time. With this, there is a guarantee of being able to serve all customers every day.
  • In solidarity, make the purchase with agility and speed.
  • Do not unnecessarily store products: the supply of basic necessities is more than guaranteed.
  • Pay preferably by card and avoid the use of cash.
  • The ultimate responsibility for complying with the recommendations for distance, maximum capacity, etc. implanted falls on the people themselves who must respect them. As well as using gloves to handle perishable products that are at your disposal in the center.


  • The capacity of supermarkets will be controlled and the minimum required distance between people will be signposted.
  • The responsibility for ordering the internal capacity of the store will be the responsibility of the establishment and, where appropriate, the person or private security agent designated by him.
  • Each establishment will have specified the maximum capacity that guarantees the preventive distance of 1 meter between any person. Likewise, it will have the maximum capacity allowed, complying with the regulations so that access will not be allowed once said capacity is completed, while other clients do not leave the establishment.
  • On the public access road to each supermarket, a minimum distance of 1 meter will be marked for people waiting their turn to enter the doors of the supermarkets, which must be respected in order to access it.
  • INTERIOR OF THE PREMISES: the minimum separation of one meter between clients will be guaranteed with recommendations from the staff of the establishment, with the support of posters reinforcing these measures, and the limits of 1 meter on the floor of the Pescadería section and the lines will also be marked of boxes.
  • SCHEDULE: the opening hours will be from 09:00 to 19:00. Although, and given the exceptional nature of the situation, it will adapt to changing circumstances, modifications that, if carried out, will be communicated at all times.


  • The stores will remain supplied, reinforcing and guaranteeing the supply of basic and basic necessities, so that our clients can make their daily purchases.
  • In order to protect food safety, in no case and under no circumstances will product returns be accepted.


  • Likewise, Mercadona has adopted internal measures to reinforce the health and safety of its workers, among which are the delivery by the company of the necessary hygiene and prevention utensils, and the adoption of specific criteria regarding health.
  • Likewise, the daily disinfection and cleaning processes of our facilities have been reinforced with external services.
  • Disinfectant gel and paper have also been installed in each supermarket so that customers can clean the handle of the car, reinforcing their hygiene.
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