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More protection for the next course with the hiring of a supply of 80.000 masks for teachers

20 June 2020 - 00: 16

The Plenary session of the Consell yesterday approved the declaration of emergency of the hiring, on the part of the Conselleria of Education, Culture and Sport, of the supply of 80.000 reusable masks and of material EPI destined to the employees and employees of the educational centers of the conselleria.

Among the materials necessary to face the serious health crisis are those that are essential for the prevention of infections and that favor individual protection, such as face masks, face protection screens and gloves.

Thus, in view of the urgency of addressing actions to alleviate this situation, resolutions of 15 and 26 May were issued, declaring the supply of 80.000 reusable masks, as well as the supply of PPE material, consisting of 775.750 Type I surgical masks; 8.830 FFP2 protection masks; 5.576 face shields and 137.900 nitrile gloves.

For this, the Department of Education will invest a total of 618.090 euros, of which 79.200 euros will go to the acquisition of reusable masks and 538.890 euros to that of EPI material.

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