Marlango and Las Migas fill the first days of Music at the Castell

25 July 2022 - 12: 59

The Music Festival at the Castell has started the celebration of its 30th anniversary in style. Roots and Mediterranean music has filled the esplanade of the Dénia Castle. Las Migas and Marlango have been two of the eight concerts that have made the public enjoy this past weekend.

Las Migas returned to Dénia after 14 years, being a benchmark appreciated for their sensitivity and love of risk.

On the other hand, Marlango, one of the most cosmopolitan groups in the country that fuses jazz, blues and pop made the early days of Músical al Castell vibrate.


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  1. Paloma says:

    Las Migas, a disappointment!
    The show was quite weak. I would have liked to leave, although I didn't out of respect for my friends.
    And the concert started 20 minutes late, without an apology or explanation…. Very little or no consideration for the public.
    Not to repeat!