Foreign residents know better prevention plans

08 September 2014 - 11: 12

EL hospital Comarcal Marina Health continues its round of informational meetings to foreign groups in the coamrca to give them a better understanding of prevention programs that can adhere not only to the protected population or capita, but also for residents in Marina Alta.

Talk to foreign residents

The talk, given by Dr. Antonio Valdivia, Preventivista Health Department Dénia, focused on prevention programs for breast and colon cancer. The meeting was held at the Multipurpose Hall of Murla and attended by some 300 British residents, members of the Association UA3 Vall del Pop.

Explanation of the operation of a defibrillator

Moreover, the Director of Health Center Pego, Dr. Carlos Juan, accompanied by Dr. Luis Olcina, optional in the same basic area and the office of Atzúvia, addressed the residents of the small town of Forna for offer a number of tips and basic instructions on handling the semi-automatic defibrillator they have acquired.

Forna has a doctor's office, in turn, depends on the office of L'Atzuvia; both integrated in the basic area of ​​Pego.

Explanation of the operation of a defibrillator

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