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The jobs of the new normality: sensitizers are sought for the beaches of Dénia

May 25 from 2020 - 09: 50

The economic crisis derived from the sanitation is going to be a hard blow to many companies, most of which have to reinvent themselves to be able to float. The sectors with the highest number of summer contracts, such as restaurants or tourist accommodation, will face the blackest season in recent decades, which will inevitably be reflected in the list of summer social security affiliations.

However, the situation also supposes a new scenario in which it is required to fill positions that did not exist before. The Red Cross, an NGO hired for the prevention and surveillance campaign on the Dianenses beaches, will have to have a new team this year to ensure that the security measures and restrictions that will remain with us in the new normality are complied with.

Dénia has 20 kilometers of beach where the safety of users must be guaranteed and crowds must be avoided. An important feat that the rescuers already hired could not assume at the same time that they were in charge of avoiding any mishap in the water. Thus, Red Cross has published an offer 12 jobs for "health and awareness agents on beaches".

What are these 12 new workers going to do? Exclusively to prevent compliance with both the safety distancing and the rest of the measures that the Spanish coasts must adopt this summer.

Information and awareness of hygienic sanitary measures on beaches, distribution of information leaflets and masks to users, advice on questions and prevention procedures ... Much work for this dozen of sensitizers so that first responders can focus, as always, on the surveillance.

  1. Marcel August says:

    I don't have the numbers for Spain, but in Germany there are no excess deaths in 2020 according to German statistics. https://www.destatis.de/DE/Themen/Querschnitt/Corona/Gesellschaft/bevoelkerung-sterbefaelle.html but also in Gemany the measurements are similar to those here in Spain.

  2. Joseph says:

    Masks on the beach in addition to making squares with tape to keep the safety distance? This is true? It is really necessary to have morality to go to the beach with the regulations created by our enlightened politicians, in addition to ruining us, they are NOT going to let us worthily enjoy our natural spaces. I understand that everyone watches over security and we are afraid to die, but this is already beyond the limits of ignorance

    • Mari Carmen says:

      Right Jose, your comment is a perfect example of far exceeding the limits of ignorance. If you consider that taking measures to respect social distancing is the result of the idea of ​​"enlightened" perhaps you should go live in Brazil and embrace your President. Your superpowers are sure to keep you protected from the virus.

      • Joseph says:

        I prefer to go to Cuba, find out about food they have fought against the virus and let's take an example, we look like mediaevas….

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