The Moors and Christians recover Dénia: this has been their long-awaited Mig Any

February 26 from 2022 - 16: 52

The Moors and Christians They have gone out through Dénia again, with a Mig Any to celebrate that two years later the party seems to return to the city. All the rows, without exception, have gathered this midday on Calle la Vía to carry out their first parade since the coronavirus changed our way of life in 2020.

During the tour they have been nurtured by the applause of the witnesses who have followed the marches along Marqués de Campo, until they end at the port. Although these marches have not started now, but they could already be seen during the Nit de Filaes that was held last night in the marquee set up in Torrecremada, bringing together a large number of partygoers to dine and celebrate.

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