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The hoteliers, eager to know the reopening conditions: «If everything goes well we will get the summer ahead»

27 2020 April - 14: 16

"Our strongest claim is that when sanitary conditions are met, we can reopen our establishments, and that this is done as soon as possible", has explained Cristina Sellés, President of AEHTMA, the Association of Hospitality Entrepreneurs of the Marina Alta. The Secretary of State for Tourism is drafting the protocols and procedures that will have to be carried out for the reopening, applicable to all of Spain. These protocols will be agreed by employers, unions, the Federation of Municipalities and Provinces, the Autonomous Communities and the Ministry of Health, and it is expected that they will be ready in about 20 days. "Until this is finished, we have recommended to our associates that they do not make any expenses" (in adaptation of premises, protection material or any other material), Sellés indicates.

"Our priority is to reopen as soon as possible, with all the security and with the support of local and regional administrations. We are convinced that we can do very well. If things work, we could get the summer ahead. Being positive, the summer is getting longer If people are leaving little by little, it may be that national tourism comes later. The absolutely positive fact is that We do not have a cancellation in hotels or tourist accommodation for the summer"says the president of the hoteliers of the Marina Alta, Crisitna Sellés.

Insufficient aid

Regarding the package of economic measures that the City of Dénia has launched, the president of AEHTMA appreciates that they are quantified, but "They are very insufficient for what we had asked for. We know that it is a first document, but we need more aid and that it is easier to obtain it. We are aware of the amount of social services that are needed right now, but one thing does not take away the other. We ask our politicians for a more empathetic attitude. ". Last Friday, from AEHTMA they held a meeting with Carlos Mazón, president of the Alicante Provincial Council and manager of the Tourist Board, to whom they also requested aid.

Among other requests, the hoteliers want the temporary liberalization of public spaces to increase terracesThat is to say, if the capacity is limited in restaurants and bars, that lost capacity inside can be gained on the terrace. The Dénia City Council is studying it, and AEHTMA would like this to be carried out until the crisis situation ends.

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