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Entrepreneurs demand more agility and less bureaucratic obstacles

May 28 from 2020 - 15: 04

El Business Cercle Marina Alta It has developed an intense work of mediation, information and negotiation since minute one of this crisis. The president of CEDMA, Benito Mestre, has personally spoken with practically all the mayors of the region to learn about the situation of all municipalities and the needs of their neighbors, as well as to make CEDMA resources available to all populations.

In addition, telematic meetings have been held with various bands with the Secretary General for Tourism, with the Dénia City Council, with the Alicante Chamber of Commerce, with the Valencian Business Confederation, etc.

CEDMA has also collaborated to find protective equipment for companies that needed it even at times when it was not possible to find them in the national market. Entrepreneurs and member associations of the Federation have actively participated in fundraising campaigns for various charities and social services.

From the first day, information has been provided continuously and completely to the Marina Alta business on legislation, financing, job security, etc. And now, the time has come for what has been called "Reconstruction". Companies, SMEs and the self-employed generate employment. According to CEDMA, "Without companies and without jobs, the welfare state is simply not sustainable. Now more than ever, it must be, which is why we are committed to promoting the intense social dialogue that has been sustained in these months, and maintaining it throughout 2020 and in the years to come ".

"At a time when citizens and businesses have demonstrated an amazing ability to adapt to the new situation and improvise new innovative management systems, we ask that this drive for innovation does not end as soon as the health crisis is over. Yes as a region we want to move forward it is crucial that public administrations maintain support for innovation and take it much further ".

The desire and strength of many entrepreneurs to reinvent themselves have been thrown face down, says Cercle, "against a bureaucratic procedure anchored in the past. It is not possible for a simple administrative procedure to delay for weeks or months projects that could lead to job creation".

For this reason, businessmen demand that the digitalization and electronic processing of administrative processes be established as a standard, that an in-depth analysis be carried out in order to eliminate unnecessary bureaucratic obstacles, that bids and awards be streamlined and that positive administrative silence be applied. as a general principle in all procedures, or that mechanisms such as responsible declaration be provided at least.

Tourism is the main economic engine of the Marina Alta. But this crisis, according to CEDMA, has shown that alternative income needs to be obtained that do not depend on territorial mobility or seasonality. "We must promote, on the one hand, activities capable of deseasonalizing, such as Congress Tourism, and on the other, promote the growth of sectors that we currently have relegated to a second or third plane. This is, for example, the case Industry, a sector that generates stable and qualified employment, but its presence in the region is scarce ".

For this reason, they demand a great regional pact to develop quality industrial land, well connected and attractive for entrepreneurs, as well as programs aimed at improving the sector's competitiveness and attracting foreign investors.

"The efforts that citizens have made in these times have confirmed that we are a mature society capable of assuming sacrifices for the common good. But we must get ahead and in many cases - to keep companies alive and with them jobs - loans had to be used which would not have been required under normal circumstances ". For this reason, employers insist, it is important that public administrations reduce tax burdens as much as possible, adjusting their annual budgets and making as many modifications as necessary for such relief. "It would also be desirable if the citizen were not overwhelmed with new bureaucratic procedures to access bonuses, but rather that the rebates could be applied automatically to all taxpayers since we have all been affected in this crisis".

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