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E-sports arrive in Dénia with more force than ever

February 18 from 2020 - 08: 00

Very soon, Dénia will open a sports infrastructure for the whole family, specialized in all forms of video games, and that promises to become a meeting point for fans. The e-sports or electronic sports are growing at a frantic pace, and in Dénia a space was needed in which to develop this hobby. Two entrepreneurs have realized this demand and have decided to install a new leisure space on Colón Street.

For those who don't know them, what are e-sports?

It is especially about multiplayer video game competitions, which have become very popular events. They are also organized professionally and move many fans. The competitions of league of legends, Call of Duty, FIFA o Hearthstone shows Gaming competitive that allows you to enjoy video games collectively and socially.

What gamers can find

The new place, which can be described as sports hall 2.0, will be divided into several zones:

  • A space fitness with consoles for sports
  • Also several consoles for tournaments
  • Channel Connection Twitch and area to play in streaming
  • An area with virtual reality glasses
  • A room for the most professional, with computers for PC gaming and team matches

Those responsible for this project want to practice active listening with users, and go on giving more services and organizing events based on what the public demands. People of all ages will soon be able to develop their fondness for e-sports en Game station.

  1. Karim says:

    Will there be rocket league towers?

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