Game station

Game Station is a sports infrastructure specialized in video games, which serves as a meeting point for all fans. A place with a very healthy concept: the video game with the values ​​of sport, such as healthy lifestyle habits, giving the best of yourself, concentration or sportsmanship. 

The place, which can be described as a sports hall 2.0, is divided into several areas and is for people of all ages:
-A fitness space with the Nintendo Switch console for sports such as boxing
-A room with armchairs, with continuous projections of the Twitch channel. To play SingStar, Just Dance or Guitar Hero in a group.
- Six televisions with Play Station tournaments like FIFA, etc.
-A unique area that you can't find anywhere else nearby: virtual reality stands, with virtual reality glasses, with games for the whole family
-A room for the most professional, with a large table with computers to play streaming games 
-A corner to play live on Twitch and create your channel if you feel like it.

You can attend courses with a coach to improve your game and you also have hourly bonuses. In addition, you can celebrate your birthday with a tournament of your favorite game: FIFA, Fornite, LOL, CSGO, Smash Bros, Mario Kart ...

Visit them from March on Calle Colón, 43B.


Colon Street, 43B -

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