Welcome to Game Station: the new experience for gamers in Dénia

03 March 2020 - 08: 00

Do you need a space to live your passion for video games and e-sports? Share your hobby and develop as gamer en Game station, the new sports hall 2.0 in Dénia, an incredible place to have fun, both for the butt fan and for the occasional player. And next Saturday, March 7, grand opening! From 12:00 you can enjoy everything for free. Discover everything that comes new to you!

What can you do in Game Station?

  • Stay with your friends to play with the Nintendo Switch and play sports, or to have a great time with the SingStar, Just Dance o Guitar Hero
  • Organize a FIFA tournament
  • Try the glasses of virtual reality
  • Enjoy the twitch channel and play in streaming
  • And if you are a professional, play as a team in the special adapted room and grow in skills together with other professionals

If you know that you will enjoy a long time in Game station, do you have hour bonuses. And you can take your console or your damaged peripherals to recycle them.

Also look at everything they have in mind, that will come true with you:

  • They will create events every weekend, where you can participate in tournaments and get prizes
  • You can attend courses with a coach to improve your game
  • You can also celebrate your birthday with a tournament of your favorite game
  • Retrogaming: play those long-time video games that you loved again
  • They will organize conferences for parents, with psychologists and experts, to discuss issues such as the risk of video games.
  • Are you looking for a place to do an activity with the people of your work? In Game Station they do teambuilding Enterprise

Meet new people and enjoy your passion in the center of Dénia: Game Station is behind Marqués de Campo, on Calle Colon 43 B. If you come by car, La Vía parking is next door. They open every day from 10:00 to 00:00, except Mondays. Do not miss it!

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