The second digital blackout arrives: how to adapt your community's antenna with Gesdenia

February 24 from 2020 - 10: 07

Are you hearing about the Second Digital Dividend and you don't know exactly what it is? The Second Digital Dividend is known as the set of frequencies in the 700 MHz band that must be released or vacated for the 5G to become operational. This implies the rescheduling of the new DTT channels. Gesdenia He tells you everything in depth.

The objective of the Government is that the process of liberation of the 700 MHz band be completed before June 30, 2020, within the calendar established in the Community regulations. The start of new frequencies for DTT began at the end of July 2019 in Mallorca, Ibiza, Formentera and more than 100 municipalities of Cáceres and Huelva. In a phased manner, between July 2019 and the first quarter of 2020, new emissions will be ignited in almost the entire national territory. In order to facilitate the transition and minimize the impact on citizens, for a time television networks will broadcast simultaneously through the new and old frequencies (this is called simulcast), before proceeding to turn off the old frequency.

Before June 30, 2020, a bidding process will be carried out for the award of the 700 MHz band to mobile electronic communications service operators.

What will the process be like in Dénia?

In Dénia there can be two cases:

  • If your antenna is oriented to the Ondara repeater, the channels will be broadcast on the new frequencies as of February 17, 2020 and will stop broadcasting on the old frequencies as of June 30, 2020, so your Community must be adapted before this date.
  • If your antenna is oriented to the Dénia-Castillo repeater, the new frequencies will start from June 30, 2020, there being no simultaneity of channels, that is, the Community must be adapted on that date or stop seeing the channels to adapt.

The cost of adapting the antenna of your Community (except for improvements not contemplated and availability of funds), will be subsidized by the State. Gesdenia, as Associated Property Administrators together with their technicians registered in the telecommunications registry, are responsible for carrying out all the procedures for adapting your Community to the Second Digital Dividend.

Contact them on the phone 96 642 04 16. They are on the Calle Marques de Campo 37, 1st floor.

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