Why we should not throw towels to the WC: tips from Gesdenia

February 20 from 2020 - 08: 00

Wet wipes for babies, for intimate hygiene, makeup removers, glass cleaners, for furniture. Wipes also for children to clean themselves when going to the bathroom, substitutes for toilet paper ... In recent years, their uses have multiplied and are present daily in our lives. They seem harmless but by throwing them into the toilet they become gigantic "monsters." Why? Gesdenia It explains the economic and environmental consequences of throwing the wipes into the WC.

Why this problem is generated

They are sold to us as disposable but they are not: they are not like toilet paper. Sometimes advertising and even packaging tends to confuse us: they are not biodegradable and therefore should not be flushed down the toilet.

How much do unblocks cost us for wipes

The European association of water sanitation companies affirms that the wipes are an expense for the public coffers of 500 billion euros a year. They generate great failures that collapse the sanitation systems, and suppose an additional cost for the purifiers of each city. When it rains a lot, the wipes that form affect the drainage capacity and can cause more waterlogging and more problems in the cities. The cleaning staff also makes their working conditions much worse: they have an extra job in more difficult conditions than normal: they have to face masses of wipes and remove them from small diameter tubes.

Environmental problems

Tons of wipes stay (fortunately) in the treatment plants, but the amount that does not, ends up in the sea or in the rivers, contaminating the water and damaging the fish and flora.

The importance of awareness

When a community of neighbors is not aware, their expenses in unblocking can rise considerably: according to data from the Spanish Association of Water Supply, this problem would cost between 8 and 14 percent the activities to alleviate the traffic jams.

It is best to understand the idea that the toilet is not a garbage can. In addition to wipes, we should not throw condoms, tampons, swabs, make-up disks, dental floss, food scraps, gum or wrappings. Place a trash can in the bathroom and thus avoid making the gesture of throwing anything down the toilet.

At Gesdenia they are experts in community management and maintenance. They know perfectly all the incidents that can occur in a neighborhood community. Contact them on the phone 96 642 04 16. They are on the Calle Marques de Campo, 37, 1st floor.

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