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Alkamar clothing troops to their captain, Mabel Buigues, at the gala parade

August 16 from 2015 - 01: 05

Mabel and Vicente Buigues, Moorish captain and champion of the year 2015 the filà Alkamar They paraded through the streets of Dénia in the gala parade wrapped by the more than 80 festeras that this year are part of the filà.

The Alkamar filà took their finery as five spectacular squads, all with their horses beaters, to celebrate the special year of captaincy which ends Sunday.

48 Gala show Filà Alkamar - Mabel Buigues

In the pageantry of the Moravian captaincy stood out the colorful costumes that the festeras wore, as well as the large float in which the charges ran, a float that simulated one of the doors of the Alhambra in Granada. The captain could not contain the tears during the parade, the most emotional act for a charge of these holidays.

also one of the brackets filed past are of Daughters of the Moon, Blackberry up the Alkamar filà has presented this year and has become an anthem for all of them.

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