The renovation of the facade port will begin in September and ending up in February 2016

August 24 from 2015 - 17: 44

The works of the first phase of remodeling in the port Dianense ride will begin execution next month and as announced Albert Morell, manager of Varadero Port Denia, completed in February next year. Works that are ranging from the area where the bullring is located to the area Dianense port hammer. When these will be completed by end of the project the harbor promenade of Denia, as for the second phase are already made.

concourse fish market

The cost of this phase of the works is between 900.000 and 1.000.000 euros, which will be financed by the company Varadero Port Denia. The technical details of the remodeling has given José Francisco Campello, technical editor of the project, "what we deal with this work is to improve mobility by eliminating all barriers there as curbs and all elements as aperas, planters to make it a much flatter area that serves so that people can walk Quar ".

The area on which will act is about 10.000 2 m800 and length in which will leave a uniform concrete pavement. curbs and any obstacles of which there are now removed. trees will be placed to have shaded area where banks adapted be located. Anteriorly to the auction the parking area which delimits based bollards remains. A change was made in the light of the street lamps, which will be identical to those now already in the area punchier the sea.

The project reflects the improvement of access to the back of the market by extending the existing sidewalk and as a great novelty the bike lane that would have continuity from the beginning of the port to the old docks of Baleária is created.

Plans port remodeling

lane one-way traffic out there until after the old fish market, which is again split into two to the height of the parking area once passed the old fish market building is maintained. The only way to continue the cycle lane and widen the sidewalk.

Remodeling that will leave a clean visual field from the Calle Marques de CampoBecause the existing control booth now and meter box will be deleted. All this goes out and there will be installed sculpture "Portal del Vent"Sculptor Teo San José. A monument that will crown the project and be seen from the main thoroughfare of the city.

The presentation of this project was chaired by the Mayor of Dénia, Vicent Grimalt and the Deputy Mayor and government partner, Rafa Carrió. Grimalt expressed his appreciation to the works will undertake but noted, "when we saw the project we liked but we made the request to widen the sidewalk in front of the old fish market and pass the bike path ahead. It was a way of attaching importance to pedestrian and bike users rather than cars".

Grimalt has also made a request last minute "We have now asked to be removed the first line of parking that goes after the old fish market so that pedestrians do not have to turn it straight, it's something we have to negotiate Department for through ports negotiate with the company which it has the parking concession".

Vicent Grimalt explaining the draft port remodelanción

  1. jose says:

    Well'm Denia me Marece a shame what they are doing in parking next to the port they want to take away what is the heritage of Denia and take a walk when missing parking for people shopping for fish like to eat in restaurants. Good for the summer make payment when they had to be gratuitos.I if you park a yellow zone you want to report.

  2. Wickie says:

    I am delighted that finally becomes a full ride around the harbor front of Denia. Any self-respecting tourist town that has, at least, a beautiful promenade, in which, incidentally, vehicles and parking are not something just a priority, but the opposite.
    A lack of boardwalk in the area of ​​Las Marinas, type existing in countless touristically cities (Benidorm, Gandia, Cullera, Calpe, etc., etc., etc.), at least it will realize a harbor promenade interest (pity the old fish market of any architectural interest, not tear down and urbanization impoverishes both ride and visual perspective and breadth of it). I hope that is aesthetically beautiful.
    Hopefully end up coming true future conditions promenade on the beach of Las Marinas; You do not need anything too presumptuous; who knows the ride there at the foot of Ifach Rock in Calpe, you can get an idea that a simple walk, rustic, can be very interesting and attractive. I do not know if I do not sleep too much.

    • antonio says:

      I agree with the expansion and homogenization ride as many people I know there, and is also true that we must enable parking for visitors, they can always go elsewhere than in the middle of the ride as Denia is not so great and it's nice to walk, I hope because it is nice for everyone to enjoy.

  3. Tania says:

    Before removing the parking would not be bad to make a questionnaire to tourists who have spent this year and know your opinon, and q I have heard more than once Denia is nice but parking problems if they will not ... .. q And the parking is in front of the rest. Federico has been sawed all summer hasido too ......... ..

    • Henry says:

      Regarding the lack of parking I join previous opinion on the parking in front of Casa Federico and also believe that the elimination of the row previously parked in favor of the barbarity of sidewalk or ride has been, no benefits anyone but who manage non free parking. Please note these decisions makers, tourists or visitors with some regularity we visited Denia, from Valencia, Madrid, Alicante, etc. we drive to the city and not everyone can ride a bike.

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