The Fallas are postponed to the second semester of 2021

January 16 from 2021 - 09: 49

On the afternoon of yesterday, Friday, January 15, a bilateral meeting took place electronically between the failures and the Ministry of Health to deal with the celebration of the 2021 failures which have passed by mutual agreement to the second half of the present 2021.

Faced with this decision, the Local Board Fallera Dénia sends a message of optimism and hope, "because if the vaccination process continues as efficient and fast, by the second half of the year we will at least be able to burn the monuments that today remain spending days in party ships.

As indicated in the statement sent by the Fallera Board of Dénia, the members of the Failure Monitoring Table with the Department of Universal Health and Public Health and with the Department of Education, Culture and Sports and taking into account the current epidemiological situation, "We note the difficulty of being able to celebrate the Fallas Festival in March. Being fully aware of the health situation, the Fallas collective does not renounce the celebration of the Festival.

Therefore, and taking into account the indications set by the Administration, "From the Monitoring Table, the possibility of celebrating the Fallas is contemplated from the second semester of this 2021, with the commitment of maximum compliance with sanitary regulations. In the meeting, very positive for the Fallas community of the Valencian Community, also It has been agreed to continue working directly with both Regional Ministries over the next few days, as well as the productive sectors and different institutions where the different proposals that the Board have been working on since last November will be raised ", they state in the writing.

From the Monitoring Table they emphasize that the objective of their work will always be to continue working for the celebration of safe Fallas throughout the Valencian Community.

  1. pepper says:

    They have suspended the San Fermines and as the mayor of Pamplona says enough to generate false expectations. Yourselves.

    • José says:

      And so much !!, that the subject is very complicated and very hard to listen to four falleros, let's save the hospital pressure with all that it entails, that you have to put yourself in the shoes of others, to be without fail another year not nothing happens, I do not stop the world.

  2. José says:

    Total suspension for this year! Let's save sanitation, enough nonsense, there are many things before failures, more common sense.