The tourist companies of the Marina Alta demand more certainty about the de-escalation

May 22 from 2020 - 14: 42

The latest changes to ERTEs and the lack of certainty about when the borders will be opened seriously endanger the survival of an entire sector: that of tourist rental companies in the province of Alicante. And if the sector goes bankrupt, thousands of direct and indirect jobs will be lost along the way.

Specifically, article 4 of Decree-Law 18/2020, of May 12, on social measures in defense of employment, which came into force last week, implies that companies with less than 50 employees who can restart their activity, They will see reductions of 100% of the social security contributions, which in principle could be maintained until June 30 according to the previous decree.

Thus, if until now the bonus was 100%, in May it will go to 85% and in June to 75% to workers who join, while those who continue in ERTE will be 60% in May and 45% in June. This, which could be considered harsh but bearable in other sectors, may be the final tip for an activity that depends to a large extent on national and international mobility, and with the current closure of borders, disaster seems imminent.

Without clients, without demand and without income, but with skyrocketing labor costs, it produces vertigo to quantify the real impact that it will have for the economy of the Marina Alta (and of the entire province of Alicante) that rental companies are forced into competitions of creditors and closings in the short and medium term.

Along with the companies and the thousands of jobs associated with them, the income of sectors that depend directly or indirectly on the arrival of tourists, as well as the thousands of small owners who rent their homes to obtain income with which to supplement your pensions, cover maintenance costs, etc.

For this reason, from the Association of Tourist Rentals of the Province of Alicante they call for the flexibility of the new conditions, on the one hand, and on the other hand, to establish a specific date for opening borders so that reservations can be made and work with a minimum of certainty.

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