Swimming across the XI Sant Roc swimmers gathered 600

August 03 from 2014 - 22: 45

Swimming across the XI Sant Roc which brought 600 swimmers was a great success in terms of participation. From the first morning both Mayorales de Sant Roc, as members Dénia Swimming Club They were preparing all the infrastructure of this sporting event.

Juan Camarena and Mayorales of San Roc.

With a sea complicated by waves and wind, the first to take to the sea were participants in the test of 1.500 meters. Then came the turn of the brave souls who braved the distance of 5.000 meters. Sea conditions prevented the winning time was not better than in previous editions.

The last to swim were those participants who did in 500 and 200 distance meters respectively.

The results of the different categories were those in crossing 5.000 meters

Male category. general

1º Emilio Aguayo
2º Iván Jorro
3º Javier Chapa

Fem category. general

1ª Carolina Pradas
Alejandra Gil 2ª
Irene 3ª Jorro

Local Masc. master's degree

1º Ignacio Pérez
2 º Sergio Alberola
3º Esteban Fernández

Local Fem. master's degree

1ª Ana Corbacho
2ª Ana Terencio
Alejandra 3ª Brea

Crossing results 1.500 meters

Masc General Category

1º Miguel Angel Ruiz
2º Florian Lebras
3º José Antonio Segura

Fem category. general

Sara Vazquez 1ª
2ª Eva Hidalgo
Miriam 3ª Rosello

Local Masc. master's degree

1º Borja Franco
2º Adrián Martínez
3º Pablo Pérez

Local Fem. master's degree

Sara Vazquez 1ª
Amparo 2ª Dolader
ª 3 Laura Morera

Crossing results 500 meters

Male category. general

1º José Mª Bertra
2º Albert Mateu
3º Miguel Bou

Fem category. general

Marta Cano 1ª
2ª María Candela
3ª Elena Mollá

Crossing results 200 meters

Male category. general

1º Pablo Garzón
2º Daniel Calavia
3º Pablo Martínez

Fem category. general

1ª Sara Gimena
2ª Marta Morenilla
3ª Laura Calavia

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