The situation regression of the northern beaches of Dénia reach Brussels

01 September 2011 - 10: 04

Growing outrage in the Association Beaches North of Dénia who is reporting the regression suffering the beaches of Denia and Els Poblets before the European Parliament. This association supported by other associations, such as the Neighbors Association of les Deveses, will report this unsustainable situation to the Committee on Petitions of the European Parliament following the reply given by the Director General of Sustainability of the Coast and the Sea, Pedro Antonio Ríos, Which challenges all precedents presented by the conjunction of people affected, which caused the loss of sand on the beaches north of our city, as is the fact construction Port Denia.

The neighborhood group calls for environmental responsibility not ignore Dianense regression coast.

The Platform of Indignados of the regression of the North Beaches of Dénia has made available to the public in the Youtube Channel North Beaches Dénia a series of videos explaining in detail the problems affecting them.

  1. Paco says:

    What you notice is that you have no idea what the topic is about. Neither do you have a little house on the coast. You would have to have your house on the beach to know what kind of injustice we find others. Much expert engineer is what we have in this town. Excess experts and lack of justice

  2. Yogi Bear 65 says:

    the environmental impact is a very big problem
    to our shores until the space marine flora and fauna dela our shores is not respected and
    beaches, suffer the deterioration caused by elmanejo sand, blue beaches elconcepto it is a screen to remove the Posidonia, lung ysacar Mediterranean sand to sell denuevo
    for other cosasyseguir in a vicious circle that benefits few Ausar head aunos look for natural solutions, ecoarrecifes a good choice.

  3. cresben says:

    nobody talks about houses built on public land ???? or the impact on the grasslands of poseidonea the dumping of so many cubic meters of sand ????? meadows, by the way, protected by the European community ... ..a little party this video ... .nothing goal ... It shows who has paid the ..

  4. Kike says:

    Hello, I just hope that there are no megaprojects, with buried breakwaters or not, that instead of protecting the littoral sand, what it does is not let the water circulate correctly, causing serious consequences for the flora and fauna of the same.
    And they were made in much of the deveses area and observe the result.
    a greeting!

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