La Safor is positioned: the train has to go to Dénia

January 03 from 2020 - 11: 22

It is the controversy of recent weeks, a joint mobilization that has become a real political battle: the rail connection of the Marina Alta with "the world". And the most striking of all is that there is no indication that this may be a reality in the next decade.

The conflict? As in any discrepancy, it goes from forming sides. The problem? That there is more than one battle to win. And the worst part is that a high school has been formed when the principal is not won, nor does anything point to winning out of it.

Marina Alta vs. Promotion

This one, the really important one, is composed by the sides of Madrid and the Marina Alta. Here there is a regional union of those who take pride. Madrid, or rather Fomento, reiterates his speech that taking the train to the Marina Alta is not profitable and, on the contrary, from here one struggles to prove that it is, in addition to the fact that in terms of rail services, which sounds very much like the XNUMXth century, the right to the business that could be done should be put before it.

This battle is still several years later in the exit box, and we have already insisted on the Marina Alta to open a new one: where do we locate a train station that does not exist? Was there more desire for war? Well, war.

Marina Alta vs. Marina Alta

New sides have been formed among those who want the station to be installed, as it was in its day, in the county capital and among those who take advantage of an alternative presented, the 0B, who claim this next to the AP-7 toll in Ondara. This last side is undoubtedly the most numerous, to which the town halls of Gata, Pedreguer and Xàbia, in addition to the Circle of Entrepreneurs of the Marina Alta and several environmental platforms. In the first? Denia Just Denia With the great relevance that has the regional capital and all the agents that are based there, but has not seen more support from outside.

Until now.

La Safor with Dénia

The neighboring region of La Safor also has something to say about it since, although they currently have a connection with Valencia but they have asked to join Alicante on more than one occasion, they would be very affected if the 0B alternative is carried out in which the road would go parallel to the National 332.

This is the case, for example, of Xeraco, which currently has a station and it would have to be modified, even changed location, in order to join the new line. Therefore, in the plenary of last December 30, all the political groups of the city council voted in favor of presenting allegations to the study of the Train of the Coast that has been prepared by the Ministry of Development, defending that it must respect the original path that ran along the Greenway to Dénia. In addition, they ensure that following the path of the N-332, they would cause "security problems and many limitations" to your region.

Along the same lines, several municipalities of La Safor have spoken. Dénia has finally achieved her support, although she has had to come from the neighboring region. Of course, the train, for now, does not exist, nor can be seen in the distance.

  1. B says:

    I don't care if they take the Balearia boats off to the islands, because the tickets are so expensive that it compensates me to leave from Valencia.

  2. Enric says:

    Another station, we already have a maritime, one of the trains, a provisional bus, another definitive bus (I hope, or at least, they told us) and now there is another luck of the Costa train.
    Throughout the world there is a tendency to unify and make modal exchangers, not here, dispersion.
    In the end for wanting everything we will be left with nothing. Balearía will go to Gandía and the excellent Maritime Station will be for La Panseta.
    It is clear, we are in the hands of mediocre, so it goes.

    • B says:

      I don't care if they take the Balearia boats off to the islands, because the tickets are so expensive that it compensates me to leave from Valencia.

  3. Monica says:

    Nobody refuses the right of the Train. Just that it is located on the site that does not damage pir homes that the mayor of Denia wants to have the station. Pir who does not put the station on top of his house? Because in mine if that goes thanks to your ideas. Gentlemen, don't fool them anymore. Look at the project there is so that we have all more advantages and all happy without taking any pir house in front or the wonderful places. Lord mayor, don't fool the people anymore