Dénia Police held the day of the Guardian Angels

03 October 2012 - 00: 00

With an official ceremony in the city of Dénia, the bodies of local and national police held on Tuesday morning on the day of its patrons, the Guardian Angels.

The ceremony was presided over by the Councilor for Citizen Security, Javier Ygarza, Antonio Cabezas, inspector-chief of the Police Station of the National Police Force of Dénia and the chief mayor of the Local Police of Dénia, José Martínez Espasa.

The head of the National José Luis Plaza Soler Police and Deputy Inspector Francisco Piñero Tejero crosses inspector received the Police Merit with white emblem, while agents Vicente Manuel Miralles Colomar; Amores Luis García, Santiago Felipe Sánchez and Juan Antonio Campos Mata, local police received congratulations for his performance in the fire of Cartagena Street last July. The agent Juan José Pérez Castillo, meanwhile, won a public congratulations for the arrest of three offenders who committed a burglary.

By age of 10 years of service, they have given them medal agents Salort Patricia Alfaro and Jorge Navarro and officers Miralles and Emilio Enrique Molina Andreu Boluda. By 15 years of service completed he received his medal Jose Lorente Ricart agent and 25 years ago the agents obtained Melenchón Andrés Sánchez and Manuel Moreno Mas, the official Ferrández Jorge Hernandez and Vicente Pérez Vidal inspector.

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